Does he regret what he did?

  • My husband cheated on me. I forgave him, but it feels like he doesn't even regret it. He doesn't try to make it up to me, to make things right. I am worried that he will do it again. How do I know if he feels guilty?

  • To see if he regrets what he did, I suggest reading the blog Purely for myself, I would say that the person really may not feel guilty about it, if he blamed you for what happened. For example :

    • You didn't get good enough, so I cheated on you.

    Very often people use such manipulations. That's why you should talk to him again about the problem and tell him how you feel. If the man really cares about you, he will try to rectify the situation.

  • If he wants to come back to you after cheating, he definitely regrets it and wants to make things right. Maybe he thinks you have quietly forgiven and forgotten. Tell him how he should behave

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