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  • Introduction, discussion, conclusion - although the structure of the studied formulation as a whole does not fully cover the expectations that should be presented in a higher education institution, it is an evergreen starting point in preparing a sample for submission. You understand perfectly well that the trial is the “body” of your text: there is an opportunity to develop the theme here. If your task is to compare literature, present a concept, a phenomenon based on sources, or make a case, then here is the place for a more detailed presentation of the topic, if the topic was optional, a brief justification. In order to prepare this part of the sample for submission more precisely, first collect a picture with the literature, then construct an arc of your train of thought based on them and make a logical, proportional division of which part you dedicate to how much.
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    In the case of research, the discussion of the sample being presented should have a slightly different structure. You need to define the hypothesis you start with and then briefly describe the purpose of your research, the methods you have chosen, and then the literary background on which you are building, this is the end if you are writing an essay yourself, without the help of an essay writer. There is nothing wrong with using the services of an essay writer (, because it is from the authors that you can learn something. A research essay requires a huge vocabulary to keep your essay concise and thoughtful.


    Regardless of the type to be introduced, it is important to draw conclusions and draw conclusions from them. Of course, returning to the analysis, it is necessary to substantiate it in detail, consistently. When planning your injection sample, leave enough space for a summary.
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    Used literature

    This section should not be included in the scope of the study, but it is clear that it is also a key part of a good sample that needs to be administered. First is the orientation in this case as well, as there are many styles of quoting, so you should know what is expected before you start writing, as it is the same for intertextual quotations you will have to follow.

  • I believe that the research essay is the most difficult

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