Listen to happy music to prevent Alzheimer's

  • People do not realize the reality of this when they listen to their favorite music, but music subconsciously has a wonderful effect on the human brain. Research has shown that often singing, listening to music, or playing an instrument simultaneously activates multiple areas of the brain that control speech, movement, perception, memory, and emotion. Music such as an emotional song like اهنگهای عاشقانه also physically enhances the brain, which can significantly help repair the brain.

    Interestingly, music works even in areas where the brain is poorly functioning and not functioning as it should. For people with Alzheimer's, happy music like آهنگ شاد رقصی causes a strong reaction in their body and also helps patients to access memories they have lost in the past. There is also evidence of patients suffering from brain damage and losing the ability to speak but still be able to sing while playing music. According to the results, music has a very strong effect on brain function, and music can significantly help in the treatment of neurological diseases such as stroke, Parkinson's or brain injuries.

    Recently, one of the therapies that has been studied is neurotherapy. Music therapy works a bit like physiotherapy or speech therapy, which aims to help patients manage symptoms and improve performance in daily life. During the treatment period, he used musical and rhythmic exercises such as تی ام بکس جدید to help patients recover their functional skills. For example, during treatment, patients who are unable to walk after an accident or injury are taught to walk again with a rhythm of music. Music therapy helps stroke survivors to recover their tongue, improve gait and regain physical movement, which is much better than other standard treatments.

  • I agree, cheerful music helps you be happy. I also like to use stimulators, they help very well in any situation.

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