Decent Man Looking for a SL/SP

  • Just an ordinary man looking for some sparks and excitement in life. Especially during the time of pandemic and world political unrest, natural pleasure offers an irreplaceable spiritual shelter.

    Little bit of my background first, I am a tall and medium built professional in my 30s. On top of passionate date, sex or whatever you accepted, I hope we can also be someone who can share undisclosable feelings with each other. And of course I will absorb all expenses of our dates at your preferred venue. I had also posted here for SP around 7 years ago, with some good memories and met some good people at the end.

    I am looking for a mature lady in 30-40 who respect privacy and enjoy exploring new stuff. Please find me at tg:hellosam2021. Cheers

  • @sammilover can you introduce yourself say some background info?

  • Sure, more info of myself:
    -In a long and stable but platonic relationship
    -dessert lover
    -Drive a convertible
    -long working hours but flexible
    -tg/meet me to get to know me more haha

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