Nothing Good is Nothing Bad

  • Today, it is a special Day. It the day i drop in here. I do not know what will happen or will have a story starts from here with anyone. Everything is unknown, Future is unclear. I have read few messages threads have different topics and requests. I do not know why i drop message here. There is a voice inside me to ignite to do it. Why? Will it be someone to be here soon to read my message and complete my story. The story is Good or Bad. It does not matter. Most important, you are in the story with me. See Yeah!

  • First of all have to reply your topic: Never say never
    Suddenly I came up to see you and your message. At the beginning, I didn’t quite understand what you were trying to say. Its ok, I can see that it’s fate already. No one will know about the future. You’re right, whether it’s good or bad. No one knows, so it depends on how you want the story to develop and whats your mind, just like a TV series, you are the screenwriter, then you need a director

  • Well said. Friendship and relationship do not look like those in the old days. Emptiness becomes quite a popular stuff in our living but no book will teach us how to eliminate it in a very successful way or the others. I agreed. Just find a place to stand still and open your eyes and ears... Try to see what will happen or bring about any interesting inspiration. We are here to support..

  • Thanks for all reply!
    When I put down the message, I really not in good shape. Nothing is Good, Nothing is Bad. Let's says in Relationship. Relationship is Good, Relationship is Bad. Good Relationship is Good or Bad Relationship is Bad. When a relationship starts, it always good (in most cases). When time goes, the relationship turns sour or sweeter? I do appreciate for all your comments. You know, it is hard to have this memory back in Hong Kong. Imagine, lying down on the beach, facing up, breezing ... nothing to do except killing the time. Anyway, to everyone. Nothing is Good or Bad. When you are in down time, gear up for a better tomorrow. Cheers. For all Honkers...

  • Consider it in this way. Life is at a peaceful moment when nothing is good or bad. We dun expect too much up and down in life when time flies. Just appreciate and enjoy the quiet moment when sitting down alone with the Moon and few stars beside u. That’s life. Cos’ no matter good or bad, that’s what fate would like us to learn.

  • 輕鬆d喇,香港人

  • Man is Man. Need to take responsibility. I married to someone (at that time, losing mind). Now, have 3 kids (boys). She is not the one I loved the most when I looked back. She did/do the best job being a housewife and mother. Outside, came across many and flirting and affairs in here, there and when in travelling. The ladies asked do i feel happy together with her. The answer is NO. I do enjoy the time being all other ladies. But I do feel bad/guilty when i back home with them. She is Good in everything. I am Bad in everything. She knows that I have an affair outside. She did not say a word. To the end, I told myself - Every Guys .."Nothing Good is Nothing Bad in a relationship"... But being a Man, you need to be responsible for what you did, you promised. You cannot fail someone, more important, you cannot fail yourself.

  • 假仁假義就系版主最想展現。

  • 呢個世界有兩種人,有一種係「寧可天下人負我,絕不我負天下人」,有一種係「寧可我負天下人,絕不天下人負我」,當中嘅比例深淺亦有所不同。

    Just what comes around turns around. 自視甚高嘅人最終會跌得痛,因為其實真心係值得尊重(姑勿論對方嘅身份同其他條件),而撇除咗我哋嘅任何身份,大家都只係一個人啫,冇乜嘢了不起,所以亦都冇資格唔去respect 其他人。


  • Well... i won't comment on 假仁假義. just drop in and share my past experience. In here, the SHE.COM, why guys looking for relationship? There is only one reason. The guy has fantasy in here. Why fantasy? as they would not get a lady in real world. Why? No Good Looking, No Good Talking Skill, No Finance, No Knowledge.. but they have desire!!! It is normal. I come here not looking for desire or a relationship. In past experience, i had 5 ladies at the same time. To keep relationship, it is not the money. It is TIME and How much you can eat per day. At that particular time, I felt like i was so nasty and messy. It is not 假仁假義! Even I married but the sex fantasy still buried inside and broke the promise and screw around. Today, I do regret of what I did. I missed the time with my kids. I miss the time accompany with them. Now, who with me-it is the boys and not the LADIES.

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