Do you happen to know someone by the name of “Jexxrey/Jexx L” who...

  • Do you happen to know someone by the name of “Jexxrey/Jexx L” who tells you he is a professional, loves sun and beach, and likes to invite you to the beach, go boating, have drinks, or even get physical?

    Wanna count the number of victims and warn girls off of his dirty tricks and lies.

    He used to “fish” here frequently. Probably still is.

  • Of course. Heard his gf/wife is a fuxxkin cunt who's crazy and hysterical, needs psychological help. She manipulates the children and harass his family as well. Do you know her?

  • Poor thing, you must be one of those brainless sluts or whores who has fallen into this cheapskate’s trap! I really do feel sorry for you! Unless you have absolutely no self-affection for yourself... Why?! Let me enlighten you!

    Because he is in fact jobless and penniless and has been living off his old parents for years (you know what that means, right?), but likes to tell people he’s still at work or has even retired! Zero income but has retired - what a life!

    He’s fooled around with over 30 women if not more, and most importantly, he has STDs!!! I guess you know what that means, right?! Sexually Transmitted Diseases!!! If you are one of those cunts you mentioned, then I sincerely suggest you immediately get your genitals checked by a real doctor!

    Unless you are the fucking bastard yourself and are frigging out now because you’ve been exposed!!!

  • If this guy’s gf/wife really is crazy, hysterical and needs psychological help like you said, then it all must have been this 渣男’s good doings! Does he have children??? What kind of father would do that to his family???!!! 世紀最賤渣男非佢莫屬啦!羅志祥、許志安、張致恆、周永恆、乜嘢時代中國CFO全部都要行埋一邊,讓位比呢個咁卑劣無恥殘忍自私的人。

  • If you do know him, please disclose this 人渣’s real full name for all women’s sake!!! Sukibaby!!!

  • @Lifesaver2020 個男人個姓係唔係 L—A—U???

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