A 36 years old married man looking for romance

  • A 36 years old married man, about 5'9 height and 150 lbs, like outdoor activities and sports. I am looking for SL who can re-ignite the passion of life, romance and excitement again.

    Life getting bored after several years of marriage, I am not blaming anyone but myself. It is not surprise that your freedom will be limited when you engaged in your own family, with lots of responsibilities and duties. However, is it the only way to continue my life like this?

    I have never develop any SL or SP relationship before, want to get touch with the feeling of love and be loved again. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail: adamwang_it@yahoo.com.hk or we chat id: adamwang_it. Let's talk and understand more before committing anything. Looking forward to hearing from you!