Pillow talk

  • Anyone is still up before kissing the pillows?

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  • Let's chat here

  • hi lia


  • Just got home after dinner with friends, you?

  • 我......苦命人,係屋企工作緊

  • Oh report or? How soon do you think you can finish it?

  • hi lia

  • Hello Owl, why you are still up?

  • Lia, coz I am a night owl, haha.

    So you had a very long lasting dinner...How was it?

  • You are a real night owl or just one on most Fridays?

    Took my high school buddy for yakitori as she wanted it for her birthday dinner, the food was alright. We had some dessert at another place afterwards.

    What you did tonight?

  • I am an all time night owl. I bet you are not :)

    I stayed home and did some chat with an old friend.

    Are you already kissing your pillows? Or still in good spirit?

  • What time do you usually go to zzz?

    I am still pretty awake, not kissing my pillows yet. You?

  • past 2 is the norm for me. What about u?

    Seems that the birthday dinner and the dessert had kept you in good mood and dont wanna sleep yet.

    Any plan for the weekend?

  • My average bed time is around 1230am, need my beauty sleep.

    What time you get up? You don't need much sleep?

    Let's say it's always nice to catch up with good friends over good food. Don't have plans over the weekend yet. You?

  • hi, lia

    same here, finished dinner with friend and backed home,

    sleepless too~ha

  • The need for sleeping hours drops with age, haha. I normally wake up at 7:30.

    Trust you are a working lady. what time do you normally wake up then?

    U r right that it is always nice to meet with good friends and good good. Do you drink occasionally?

    No concrete plan for the weekend yet. The weather has not been steady...too hot, thundery .... and ....cats and dogs

  • Hi Jason, welcome to my thread! What you had for dinner tonight? How was it?

  • Owl, as long as you have quality sleep, the number of hours won't matter.

    I usually wake up at 7am. Are you retired?

    Yes I enjoy a glass or two of wine occasionally, but I try to take it in moderation. I think you drink too?

    Weather has not been stable these couple of weeks. I just hope summer will be over soon as autumn in HK is my favorite season. How about you?

  • Do I sound like a retiree? I trust it is the night owl way of life made you think I am. Are you jealous if I am?

    Yes, i drink and in moderation too. I like it especially when meeting friends.

    Autumn is my favourite season too, neither too hot nor too cold.

    It seems that you have stayed abroad before, am I right?

  • No you don't sound like a retiree to me, and I am not sure I will be jealous if you were.

    We seem to have 2 things in common so far, drinking in moderation and autumn.

    Yes you are right, how about you?

    My pillows are calling out for me, I gotta call it a night. Thank you guys for the company, until next time. Good night and sweet dreams. xxx

  • Lia, ok, have a good night's sleep. Let us chat some other time if we happen to meet here again. Good night.

  • Good morning or should I say good afternoon, anyone around?

  • I am here

    still no plan today? it is rains for the whole day

  • Hey Jason! There you are!

    What time did you finish last night? Slept well? My plan for today is probably staying at home, don't want to get wet. How about you?

  • hi again Lia. How is your day?

    Has Jason fallen asleep again?

  • Hey owl! Great to see again! Did you sleep well?

    I am just relaxing on bed as I am feeling quite tired today. Looks like Jason just comes to say hi like what he did last night. Haha

  • Lia,

    I did sleep well, and u? It was cooler last night and so it was good for sleep.

    It is 2:40 already, still in bed, haha? On diet this afternoon after the full dinner and dessert last night then?

  • I didn't sleep very well, kept tossing and turning. Weather is just perfect for Zzz though. Did you wake up at 0730 as usual, or sleep in a bit today?

    Haha I am always on seefood diet. What you had for lunch, Owl?

  • It seems to me that I often do not sleep too well after a full dinner and drink. I am bearing that in mind. Do you recognise that you might have something similar? I woke up at 0900 today.

    I had something simple for lunch today. Just some vegis and fruit.

  • I don't really have similar issue sleeping with full stomach, probably because I had a bit too much green tea last night. In fact, I seem to sleep much better after some wine.

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  • Half drunk probably helped you getting into sleep, haha

  • You mean tipsy right? I think it's the perfect stage while consuming alcohol.

  • yes that is the perfect stage. Beyond that will lead u to losing control. I trust you never experienced that as you have told me you drink in moderation.

    There seems to be very little ppl around even it is sat afternoon. She messageboard is really dying.

  • I always try to drink in moderation, still there were times I either overestimated my tolerance towards alcohol or just got carried away. I honestly don't like the unpleasantness which goes hand in hand with being drunk.

    Probably many people have ditched the conventional message board for the likes of Wechat and etc,

  • It is never fun to get drunk given the vomiting and other unpleasant feeling. I have never got drunk though.

    Ppl nowadays are more or less addicted to the smartphones and apps. Guess many ppl may lose their sense of direction if the internet should breakdown even for say a few hours, haha. Are you likely one of them? :)

  • You must have very good tolerance towards alcohol (or are simply very disciplined) if you have not got drunk before. Do you turn red after consuming some alcohol?

    I must confess I am one of those people who can't live without Internet. Yet I try not to play with my phone when I am out with friends as we deserve the undivided attention from one another.

  • Of course I would turn red with alcohol consumption. I would say I am rather self disciplined in terms of alcohol intake and hence not drunk. Turning tipsy is almost a must, haha.

    You are lucky to have your group willing to follow the rule of 'undivided attention' from one another when you meet. Can you manage to get that consensus every time?

  • It really depends who I am with and what we are doing. Say some people are relatively more obsessed with their phones than the others, and some convo is more intriguing then the others.

    Once we tried to stack up our phones at a hotpot dinner, whoever was the first reaching out for their phone would be penalised. We had a good laugh about that little game that night.

  • It must have been a group of ladies only who are willing to join that little game.

    The rain has stopped a while. I am planning to go out for a walk. Are you too going to stretch your limbs? Btw, are you still in bed, haha?

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  • Owl,

    In fact, we had both guys and girls in the hotpot dinner that night, and those who were reluctant to play along just added the extra fun part.

    I was dozing off into a nap earlier today, sorry for taking the French Leave.

    Just back from the evening stroll, it felts so nice after the rain has cooled off the weather. Are you enjoying your evening too?

  • Line: skagway

  • Anyone around and up for pillow talk?

  • haha, i have pillow talks with my clients. im a masseur

  • Too early for bed, but never too early or late for pillow talk. Anyone around?

  • hello hello

  • Hello Jason, what are you up to?

  • hi there

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