masseur for virgin (discreet guaranteed)

  • i serve ladies, but not only virgins, just that my clients are mainly virgins, so i guess it will be a gimmick. thank you.

  • Please note:

    1. this is NOT ONS/SP/SL hunting, joy and service is guaranteed. u can find the other men here for free massage, but i am not those guys cheating for sex/free lunch. My clients are mainly virgins as they want the exact thing, nothing more or less, which is my service pledge, and one of the reason i charge you.

    2. i serve female ONLY, NO male.

    3. charge for massage only

    4. a practice is adopted so that your identity is protected. i wont be able to recognize you later in real life even we somehow have connections. no telephone number is needed.


    slim body, ripped abs with muscles

    very relaxing environment would be established, surely you will like the relaxation for couple of hours

    600 for 2 hours

    email me

    email here anonymously:

    the craiglist server would protect your email address.

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