i am puzzled relating to SL stuff...

  • hum.. have you ever met some SL who are crazy by continuously calling you ?

    If so, in which way would you handle him/ her eventually?

    Plus, wonder if you will still disclose your name and contact to your next SL?

    May I know?


  • u met her?

    u r too charming maybe

  • I would recommend the only way is to uphold an ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE policy in any possible channel of communication, no matter if you miss her/him or not.

    As to your future handling, I suppose it is not necessary to consider changing a positive approach because of a bad experience. Not disclosing names and reasonable contact details is never a sincere, or right, way to start any form of relationship. We acknowledge the risks involved in what we do, but it doesn't mean we avoid the risk (i.e. stop doing anything) in all cases; well, in some cases, we do need to be rational, e.g. when we meet someone charming but can reasonably foresee he or she will become a psycho later ;)

  • lessons to be learned:

    don't go out to play, be a good man & go back to yr wife/gf. all those are the 報應 from having affairs!!

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