mature 31 guy looking for 20-30 mature gal to taste my chocolate

  • 你好,我叫傑,31歲,175cm, 145 lbs.思想成熟,黑實,有胸肌,六舊朱古力,外表吾算靚仔,但都眼大大雙眼皮外表吾會令你失望……我希望搵到一個20-30歲思想成熟,大膽,肯試新野,知道自己想要咩,又吾太肥,外表普通吾醜,可以傾到計,鐘意kiss,關心大家嘅女sl/sp去分享大家嘅開心同吾開心野,間吾中佔有下大家。如果你都同我一樣想搵人分享下生活,享受下,就請pm我你的wechat, whatsapp or line去做個朋友互相了解下先……我會盡快覆你……
    halo. my name is kit. 175 cm 145 lbs sporty with six pack. not handsome but gd looking. im looking for 20-30  mature, decent but lovely girl to be my sl. i wish my sl can share my life and sweet time with me. if interested pls pm your wechat, line or whatsapp to be fd and chat more first. i will add u and send u my pic asap.

  • any?

  • wechat line ot.whatsapp directly to 54065939