Bitter gourd diet allows you to have the reward after all sufferings

  • I believe most people have eaten bitter gourd. As the name suggests that bitter melon, its taste is bitter astringent. But despite its bad taste, however,it still have been pursued by many girls. Why? In addition to the rich nutritional value,very useful on human health, one of the most important reasons is because it can effectively lose weight. Also because of this reason, though its taste is not popular, but still a lot of people like to eat.

    One reason, bitter gourd slimming

    1, low heat, can inhibit fat absorption.

    Each 100g balsam pear only 18 cards, like most weight than Meimei tomato, also less than 7 cards, only small Huang Guaduo 3 cards, but more satiety. But 1mg of the bitter gourd, according to experimental discovery, can prevent 100g fat absorption!To effectively control fat absorption,try Lida Weight Loss Capsule,with a magic and effective slimming result.

    2, swelling, heat detoxification to reduce pathogenic fire.

    Bitter gourd can remove pathogenic heat, solution Laofa, Qingxin eyesight, eat in summer, cool in the summer heat. And it can quickly eliminate toxins, prevent the accumulation toxicity in vivo.

    3, enhance immunity, beauty.

    Rich vitamin C, can enhance immunity, and prevent cardiovascular disease, combine with the special physiological activity of protein, can help the skin regeneration and wound healing, with beauty effect!


    1, in a period of time after to eat bitter gourd you'll find the defecation more and more smooth, if there is diarrhea,it shows that your stomach has not suffered, then you need to reduce the amount of consumption of balsam pear, or stop.

    2, because the balsam pear belongs to the cold food, so we can not eat too much, and in the process of drinking Bitter Melon Juice for weight loss you should drink tea, whether it is Black Tea or Green Tea, only drink water.

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