Man looking for friendships

  • 3.7.2014
    Dear chat mates,
    Good evening.
    This is a 48 year male wish to meet mature ladies for friendships.
    Please give me a message if you are interested.
    Mr Chan

  • Hi Mr. CHAN


  • 4.7.2014

    Dear star,

    Good morning.

    Thank you for respond.

    to obtain a good health is not an easy joy,

    I would say a good companion is able to lead us to where we want to go. Reach our tasks.

    First, for example, we are going to conduct partner postures in yoga occasionally,

    I then have your support plus feedback positively;

    Precious opportunities for me to learn about my body.

    Practise yoga is certainly a way to clear dark energy escape from busy work!

    Doing exercises would eliminate negative energy as well.

    Second, learn aromatherapy courses. Share continuously mutual massages after trainings are intimacy, a training school is found at Central providing classes.

    At the moment, a lady partner is being sought to enrol this training course.

    Third, I , personally do research on Hong Kong History, we go have surveys for maintaining good background of our community.

    Please give me a message to

    Mr. Chan

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