2012 ( years that needs to be awaken)

  • so i looked at the calendar today and it says 2011 is soon over, few days later we got this count down thing going on, then we got chinese new year and the fabulous valentines day. the important days are coming by.

    as years pass, i recon i'm getting old as with it, also we are just wasting our times with or without the correct partner.

    internet message boards have changed, as you might have known this place in she is full of weird stuff, u name it they got it.

    im sure some of us here are the same.
    hey its a new year after all. that's why we got a new year to change.

  • Yes, do no waste your time in she.com

    Do something more meaningful, starting today/

  • 好有意思既post, 多謝 lupin.

    但好多事情易說難做, 尤其是要改變自己的惡習.

    lupin, 你實行緊未? can share?