My Real Erotic Stories in Hong Kong #1 [Permission granted by the gal, name withheld and replaced]

  • I met up a gal by chance due to my works in 2 years ago. She is a translator at a famed publisher in Hong Kong. Her name is Julia, 32yo, 5'5" and around 125lbs, single, outgoing personality and kinda bold when chat about erotic stuffs. After several drinks and normal social bumps, we chatted about our previous sexual experience and exchanged some of our pervert thots. This led to our first explosive sexual intercourse at a bar's closet. I believes some ppls could hear her sexy and loud moans, if standing just outta of closet door..........

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  • Nice story, please post more about your experience.

    BTW, I am male too

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    Nice story, please post more about your experience.

    BTW, I am male too


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  • not so special for toilet sex

  • oops..... seems mostly guys here.... 原來睇古仔都通常係男人~

  • the stories continue.....

    at one time we dropped by her home after drinks and I asked for her nite dress and in high heels. Within minutes lata, she got changed with an outstanding super seductive wearings in front of my eyes. Holy.... definitely every male entity will simply "salute" to this kinda view, especially i knew there is no undies inside. My naughty thots began and asked her to squat on the windowsill, pressing onto the window, showing her zesty butt on her high heels.......

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    ........ the stretched dress wrap around her firm butt. Without further delay, I lifted up her dress, revealing her bare ass on her sexy thin high heels. As we chatted boldly in before, I felt like being encouraged to caress this pear-shape human artifact. As I am not stick to oral- and vaginal- only, my lust just keep pumping up for penetrate her tight arse at this perfect position. Not to mention where did I got the natural lube, I started to push my rod into her horny rear-end. Although she's a decent-outlook lady in the daytime, I could see only an elegant kitty squat and moaning for faster piston operation. Its good, or maybe not that good, peoples in opposite street are scarce that could not make her be a real exhibitionist at that moment. However, I am just concentrating on the orgasm that came from her tight and wobble entrance from behind.........