Feelings after 3 weeks in SHE.com........and hoping to find nice sp

  • I actually never been finding sp around in the net........normally its in the clubs. After I started to work i dont really have time for clubbing therefore been around here recently.......maybe by luck.....i really did meet some hot young girls here ( 2 girls) but they are hot but no sex skills........which is really a pity. No offense to any girls here........but i must admite some girls have better skills then others. Also out of my expectation......those two girls are really young (below 20). I did ask them why they find net fd to sex with.......they told me they want to keep it a secret. Is it common here?? I guess the girls u get are pretty or not really depends on the quality of the man?,,,,,,,,,hope everyone here had great fun anyway. 

    I would also want to find sp.....i am 24 years old 183cm tall, 78kg, well i shall say not bad looking, have car, 17-18cm dick, around 30-60min sex depending on the partner. looking for below 24 girls .....decent girls plx.......

    if any is interested add my msn: [email protected]
    sorry if any one felt offended but this is just my comment

  • haha cant believe no one replied haha......

  • Your story is really fake, and your quality is as same as your English level. hot your mother, greedheadboy

  • first of all, I have Ielts 8 overall marked. I guess is still alright. You can not believe me, its your own choose. I did meet up 2 girls here but we just played once and never again. Sex account skills both ways. If u dont understand this I am sorry for u

  • haha

    you better have your language prepared first

  • are we having english competition here??? gosh.....is that really the main point of my post......

  • i guess its hard to get reply if you are a man to post here?

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