45m seeking 35+ lady for afternoon tea and/or short walk

  • Leveraging a relaxed mood on a Sun with such a fine weather, I just wonder if there is a like-minded interested to join me for an afternoon tea or drink to share a nice conversation with some smiles and laughters.

    I'm 45, 171, 73kg, non-smoker, decent and educated, divorced long ago with no kids and now perfectly single and unattached.  

    Looking forward to hear from someone witty, pleasant, and similarly single/divorced without kids.

    If you're interested, let's meet at msn  likewitty at hotmail 


    P.S.  Please msn me with a simple 'hi' instead just adding me to your msn, or else I may not know you have added me. 


  • yr msn please!

  • 40+ replied at 2010-10-24 1:43 pm


    yr msn please!


    likewitty @ hotmail . com

  • hello ... nice to meet you !!

  • The "HI" cannot reach you. Why you not online?

  • Hello darling,

    I'm online bor, but did not get any chat invitation. It's strange; sorry for the trouble but could you please send me an email so that I may try to 'hi' u from my side?

    Thanks :)

  • me too .... i add you , but u offline

  • The moody is a little lowered after receiving some responses from ladies (thanks to them anyway) who are only looking for cyber chats on a sunday, or who is expecting to know you in person sufficiently via chat before considering a meet up (and sad to see the online world is creating the solitude in humans, and many people are considering knowing friends in real world a 'big issue' and is only comfortable with online communications. To me, knowing someone in person is always better and even safer than just through online chats!

    Well, I have posted a thread with a simple intention to find someone who like to enjoy a companion for a decent and relaxing chat in person while enjoying an exceptionally fine weather day, but it seems a simple 'motive' cannot be apprecated by this audience.

    Haha, I can't sound like complaining because I have initiated the thread. It's seems not easy to find people with a similar mindset here.

  • u offline ....

  • hi

    i am interested in u..

    i just added u..hope we can chat soon

  • I suppose it may be due to privacy settings that you may not c my status until I have added u. Pls send me email so i may send msg/invitation to you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks :)

  • email sent, please check!

  • hello, just happended to see ur thread! nice to meet u. :)

  • hi witty, just added u with a simple "hi" as requested.. waiting for ur confirmation pls. :)


  • That's why matured ppl may not like this site over time... when decent threads may be 'hijacked' by immatured minds as above... :(

  • Mr likewitty,

    U seem overly dramatic about everything.

    Just relax and enjoy life's diversities.

  • old dog replied at 2010-10-24 5:16 pm


    Mr likewitty,

    U seem overly dramatic about everything.

    Just relax and enjoy life's diversities.


    really a simple "hi" is enough here? lol

    i'm just a simple lady who has open mind and willing to meet up

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