any attractive guy want a sweet phone talk with a mature lady now?

  • Pls answer the following questons:

    1. which season in a year you like most? why?
    2. which season in a year you don't like most? why?
    3. what is yr favourite food or cuisine? why?

    pls also state yr age and msn. thks and looking forward to chat with you. NO PHONE SEX pls.

  • I like Autumn .... comfortable weather ...

    don't like spring ... too wet and cold

    I like seafood ... fresh .....

    msn :

    31 / 176 cm

  • 我鐘意凍d.



    msn chat?

    1. Winter, a romantic x'mas

      2. Spring, a crowded chinese new year

      3. French Food, Delicious

      4. 36


      No Phone Sex

      Looking Forward to chat with u!!!! Lovely

  • 27 male...

    living alone in shatin..


    feel free to chat ~

  • thks guys, very good quality reply. i will add one guy so far.

  • adam and, you two didn't answer my question, so adding service then....hahaha...

    hey, that guy i added you, you are not on-line wor.

  • any more guys?

  • Fall-----愛在深秋




    msn :

  • call me ~ 9 0 8 6 4 4 9 2

    msn mikelwc2004@live hk

  • 中學時代的我, 都係一位姐姐教出來玩 PHONE SEX

    咁玩得呢D, 一定要互相尊重, 要將呢D野變作為國家機密咁,

    一定要守秘密, 否則會令雙方好難受......

    我係男仔, 如果俾D 女仔公開左資料, 我自己都會好嬲架~


    因為不論男或女, 玩得 PHONE SEX, 多數都係乖乖仔或乖乖女,

    只不過係有需要時, 用PHONE SEX解決而已.......

    好多男仔亂咁ADD我, 都會問我有冇女仔 MSN 俾佢,

    呢D人我一定即時DEL 佢



    看得透一點, 其實 PHONE SEX 可以一種興趣, 好似打波咁, 喜歡就做LA~

    當然世俗上來說, 梗係會看低一點~~~~

    但是~ 我覺得.......只要唔好影響他人就得~

    不論男仔定女仔, 咩時間玩而唔影響他人, 咁自己安排下LA~ Haha~

    My MSN:

    waiting for u now... casual chat is also okay...

  • I'd like to answer the questions as well though I'm also a lady.

    1. Winter ... I like the feeling of wearing many clothes and walking under the warm winter sun.

    2. Spring ... It's just too humid in HK.

    3. I like Italian food ... Pasta and pizza are always good.

    4. I'm 27. For MSN, better keep it secret as a lady at this silly =)

    1. Autumn

      2. Summer

      3. Seafood, Japanese food

      4. 39


  • hey, lady 2, how r you this morning? I like yr humour (the last sentence)... good to know that you are only 27 years old and hv that style of humour. Tonite, I suddenly think of this thread (a new method for me) to find a right guy for me . Hope it works.

    I also enjoy Italian food. thks for passby.

  • autunm windy comfortable, winter too cold

  • of coz chinese food, diversity with different style as 8 kinds

  • The right guy ... for what kind of purposes??? Ha...

    Right for a few moments or right for a certain period? =)

    I'm just a bit curious. ^^

  • any good guy interested in and also answer my questions?

    yocool and peterman, you didn't answer ALL the question.

    1. Winter - more night time

      2. Summer - too hot and humid

      3. Shanghai Food

      4. 24 yrs, msn:

  • lady 2, i m not greedy, just for the moment of tonite...hahaha... it's my feeling right now. as you said,it's a silly, why bother asking so much here.

    Actually, i am searching an excitment (stable sp) from other website, but not here.

    1. Autumn - 唔熱又唔凍

      2. Summer - too hot & Always wet

      3. Seafood, Japanese food - 不用調味已好好味

      4. 39 ,

  • lady 2, you know, the only guy that i added in this thread who don't want to phone chat with me tonite cos he is waiting to watch world cup.

    such a simple request from my thread, so why i bother so much here then.

  • What I'd say is never expecting guys at that much, even just for s few words of ''tum'' you and make you happy.

    Most are very ''result-oriented''... Well, they could be a good salesperson (selling themselves bloodly hard by leaving MSN contacts la =P).

    And never try to find the right guy even for a phone call. No one is really interesting. This is just my poor experience. =P After all, boring people meet boring meet. If we are not interesting, how could we create the so-called interesting conversations?

    Frankly, you can say I'm too proud. I just find myself more interesting than anyone of them. =P Ha...

    Do I sound very mean? Yup, I knew I did sound very mean. ^^

  • boring people meet boring people

  • lady2, i don't find you are mean, you are just straight forward and honest, that's all. Both of us quite similar, but I am more mature than you.

    Tell you my experience here, I just talked to a few interesting guys here , most of them just normal and want quick sex.

    I rarely come here nowadays, and I am here to kill time before bed time tonite.

    Just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves,if here is not fun, we will go to other place instead of here. Here is just one of the options for us (girls and women).