any sex story???

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  • hi, u have sex story ?

  • ta 有好多.人妻.gf 妳想知就add me啦

  • added , but u no online.

  • ta 我online喎.妳有冇打錯

  • ta, what sex story do u like?

  • i have lots of true stories.

  • i give you one la.

    once upon a time there was a guy called JJ. JJ is very fit and very strong, he always go to the gym and likes to go running in the morning. he is 175cm, 160lbs, muscular.

    he has a small cute 19 years old western girlfriend, slim around 150cm. lets call her A la. A also has a twin sister called B.

    JJ is not very clever but he has a big dxxk and loves to have sex. his very good and A, really likes to have sex with him.

  • because A is still young, she lives with her mum and sister.

    everyday, A will think about having sex with JJ when she is in school and this affected her studies. B was always doing good at school but she also likes JJ.

    A always goes to JJ house after school to have sex with him.

  • one day A's mum went shopping and so JJ had sex with A in her house in A and B's room. because they share a room.

    when B came back, she saw JJ, having sex with A. JJ was ramming himself into A in dog style and A was really enjoying it. she made lots of noises and her face looked very high. her eyes were half closed.

    she realise B was looking, but do NOT want to stop.

  • B became very embarassed and run out of the house. she ran out of the house and keep walking, dunno what to do.

    when she look down she realise she is really wet and horny.

    she can feel a big water patch in her underwear.

  • B after that, keep think about JJ's dxxk. she keep thinking all the good times A can have. everynight she began to DIY in the toilet because she get so high in bed thinking about it.

    A and B are embarassed when they she each other now.

  • 2 weeks later, B cant take it any more. she cant stop thinking about it. her desire is now really strong, and she really want to feel JJ, inside her.

    so A was waiting for JJ after school and the school gates. B told A that her teacher wanted to see her. and so A went inside to look for teacher. then JJ came to pick A up. but A is not here, only B is here.

  • they look the same so JJ thought B was A. so he took her home.

    when they got there, JJ took his shoes off, and sat down on the sofa to watch some TV. but B was very horny. she kneel down and began kissing JJ's body.

    so they went into the bedroom and B help take JJ's trousers off. when she saw JJs JJ her eyes are like fire.

    JJ really teased her for a while and then JJ put his JJ into B slowly. B never feel so good before, said ''oh my god''.

  • at this time A began to wonder why JJ still did not came and she feel strange the teacher was not there. so she went to JJ's house.

    meanwhile B was enjoying the best feeling in her life. her golden hair is getting wet. her blue eyes open really wide. B finally came, and her pat pat was all wet as the water came down onto it.

  • after 5 min, they change position in the girl up boy down position.

    then A came in, and see that is happenning. she say to JJ, what are you doing!!! that is my sister!!!

  • JJ is a bit stupid, he still think A is B AND b is A.

    so he carried on.

    B is really really high and said to A ''B what you doing, get out!!'