need sincere advice

  • Sorry to type in English coz  don't know how to type Chinese.

    I went cycling with my ex-husband and my 9-year -old son today. I find that I still love my ex-husband. But, he has a wife now. What should I do? I really want him to be with me again. Am I too selfish?

  • 其實都幾架....畢竟佢已經有新生活

  • But y did u break up with him on the first place?

  • It's nine year ago when I just gave birth of my son. I could not control myself and had a big quarrel with his mother and sister. After that, I did not know why I always made complaints about him. We both couldn't stand with each other and devorced that year. Indeed, we were not mature enough to handle the conflicts. I'm a bit regret having that decision.