Any bi guys here? Or any ladies have had 3p with 2 bi guys?

  • I met 2 bi sexual guys. They are both very handsome. We are very close friends now and sometimes I sleep in their apartment. I am thinking if one day, i may have 3p with them :D

  • Nice to meet you too!!

    I'm endy!!

    Can we make a friend??

    But I'm sorry, I'm not always online!!

    Do you mind we exchange the phone no.??

    Don't worry, just build up the friendship!!

    My no. is 93845486 Endy!!!

    I use 3 station!!

    And you??

    Wish you have a nice day!!!





  • addme as

  • Nice to meet you!!

    I'm... endy~~

    You are so cute^-^

    I'm 31yrs old!!

    I'm 5'10'

    I live in ap lei chau and my job is sale and marketing^-^

    I like play basketball, football, bbq, war game, singk and see movie~~~~~


    Can we make a friend???^-^

    But I'm sorry ar, I'm not always online~~~

    Do you mind we exchange the msn no. or mobile no.????^-^

    My msn no. is And mobile no. is 93845486^-^


    Wish you have a nice day^-^ ^-^ ^-^