when my bf said he does not have another one, how can i know if he is true

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  • no one knows

    how did he sound of look when he said that?

    what comes to that question ?

  • this world is full of lier

  • if you cant believe him,

    anything else is meaningless

  • 返家睡覺la

  • 冇男人係專一


  • '佢唔得'

    what does it mean ?

  • I hate my gf

    she never believe me

  • 既然不相信佢,令大家都甘辛苦,倒不如相信佢,令大家都開心

  • Has he done something that makes you suspicious? If something is smelling funny, your intuition is probably telling you something gone wrong. In that case, you shouldn't believe everything he said.

    This is the person whom you have spent a lot of time with, so when he acts "differently", this is enough to give you red flags and further "investigation" may be needed.

    Trust is always the key in a relationship. But if he violates the trust, then you are no longer obligated to trust him anymore until he is proven innocent.

  • haha CS a person must prove his innocence only if he is convicted of a crime committed. Sa better have some concrete evidence (ex. lipstick traces, perfume traces, STD or other stuff that does not require the work of forensic science), otherwise she could be tracing ghost. Women are known to escalate the seriousness of something based purely on paronoia and unfounded suspicions. Careful.

    Long time no hear from you CS I thought you dumped she.com for good. :(

  • If you dun trust him, just go away...dun stay in any relationship with full of suspects, it will make you sad ..life is short, so being happy and live simple is the happiest way

  • Barbie:

    You and I can probably open a class on giving instruction on "HOW-TO detect a cheating partner": clues to look for, traces to follow, etc. I am sure our enrollment will fill up quickly and money keep coming in these hard times. Hahaha....

    By the way, I love watching this "mo liu" show "Cheaters", I love the stunned look of the cheaters when their act caught on camera.

  • HOW-TO detect a cheating partner ?

    Not bad at least we charge cheaper than hiring private eyes. I know a lot of surveillance equipments and perhaps we ARE seeing a real opportunity here in the midst of the economic meltdown. haha

    Cheater - another clone of jerry springer with an added touch of 'element of surprise'. We all love reality shows honey ! Sometimes we are very cannibalistic from getting a kick out of victimizing the "not so innocent victims".

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