strange interview experience

  • :(

    few days ago, a HR company called me and we had an interview, it went well and she sent me to the second-in, it's about finance and administration work.

    at the begining the hr manager told me she will being appear in our interview, but changed at the last moment, just me n my boss, 

    and he even suggested we held the interview in the cafe down stair instead of interview in the office..

    once we took our sit, I feel a little bit strange that the way he look at me, but it just last for a short while, then turned back to a normal interviewer, we talk a bit ourselves, then he put his foot near to my foot that I can sense, it's really strange I think as I never experienced to interview in a cafe, and even have the body contact with the interviewer, it's a little like flirting but just last for a short time.. or I just too sensitive...

    anyway, I think I was not doing well for my interview today.. lets forget the job,

    anyother sisi ever experienced the strange interview like me??

  • take it easy,

    may be you think too much only.

    if he wants to do something, he should bring you to somewhere with less people around.

    i have had interview in resturant and bar too

    but i am a guy

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