to people who was divorced, how is your life after divorced, bad or better?

  • to me, life is much better in terms of everything except love, i met many guys after divorced, but none of them makes me have the feeling when i was with my ex hubby, i think it is because i knew my ex hubby at school, love was pure at that time, but now, love is not pure anymore

    how about you? let's share.

  • For my cold blood ex is a happy thing.

    Now he is chatting with dolls and sweeties on MSN.

  • Love is easier when you are idealistic. When I married I thought love would solve all problems. But I found some things couldn't be solved just by love.

    Now, I'm far less idealistic. But I think I'll be happier because of that.

  • I and my ex divorced .I have to bring my daughters up.

    He is happy in Asia.

    I am happy cause I can live alnoe without worrying if he will have an affair again.

    I am tried of this.

    Missionery has a sweet tongue.Stay away from them is my best suggestion.