A guy kisses a gal because he likes her? or....

  • what do you think?

  • What kind of kiss?

    Don't think too much! Some gentleman will do so>

  • french kiss or goodbye kiss?

    normally, we're just hamsup.

  • catherine,


    this is for open discussion.

    no worries,i am not thinking too much.

  • "like" is such an ordinary word.

    he can kiss a dog anytime he wants to if you like to know. hahaha

  • ok,then i should rephase it

    A guy kisses a gal because he loves her?

  • then i can quite certain to tell you: no.

    like the tv ad, i can kiss a hargou too. of cos, the hargou skin can not be too dry.

  • haha

    kiss hargou!

    do u mean the dim sum hargou siu mai

  • :))))

    add chilli, yummy~

  • Just for testing if you want to bed with him.Trust me.

    someone did that to me before.

  • do u enjoy if he kiss u ?

  • It's between women friends... quite common i think...

    On the first few dates, a man would care for hugs & kisses.

    After that just stick his hands & go straight to the point for sex,

    So kisses are used as baits. When the woman feels sweet & dazed, no more

  • Guys enjoy kissing for the sake of kissing.

    Guys enjoy kissing for the sake of a challenge-- to see if they can.

    And guys enjoy kissing to become more intimate with someone they like.

    A kiss does not mean the guy loves you. That's the least common reason a guy will want to kiss a girl.

    You know a guy loves you when he sacrifices for you-- and not just to impress you.

  • I should say, kissing you only mean that he is interested in you, but can be for many reasons, for true love, sex etc.

  • Hello, me again here for chat.........

    don't replied @ 2008-05-19 7:21 pm

    Just for testing if you want to bed with him.Trust me.

    someone did that to me before.

    How can the kisses tells? if she want to bed with him or not ???

  • kiss is nothing for any man.

  • Does a guy kisses a girl means that he likes her?

    The question imposes the first kiss, or the kiss after first date.

    The first kiss is like a dog peeing at the fire hydrant = marking his territory, in a sense that he claims her now. She is my BABY!!!

    So the first kiss makes it official two becomes a couple.

    Does he like her? Of course, both the guy and the girl are mutually affectionate with each other.

    First kiss is always so sweet and romantic. The heart pumps faster, the blood circulate around the body faster, and makes the girl face's blushing... That's the reason first kiss is usually a very beautiful thing and unforgettable.

  • cheerfulsweetie,

    really liek your analogy,,,,marking his territory ar......haha.......

    what about those guys kiss around , how can we sure if the kiss makes officially two becomes a couple nei.........

  • Joy:

    hahaha, if a guy kiss around, then he pees around marking multiple territories, then you should do the same to balance your mindset.

    Otherwise, find another guy who only kisses you. :-)

  • wa........

    too bad, i think i cannot do the same thing la..

    so hope can find one who can only kiss one la~~ is that possiable ??



    is the pic u ar??

  • Joy:

    If you say something nice about my picture.. then that's me.

    If you say bad things.. the picture is not me.


  • It depends where the kiss is made - lips, cheek, forehead, neck, hands, or other places wink. Sometimes man kiss a girl only for sex. Sometimes he kisses to show affection with no intention for sex. And it also depends on the type of kiss - french, hargou, peck, deep and passionate, or long?

  • CheerfulSweetie 早前幾張相(對住塊鏡影果張)靚d

  • 好多可能性




  • I gotta disagree with CS about the "marking territory" thing. I think that's why the guy wants to hold her in public if that's his gf.

    For me, the first kiss has been to see what is there, and as a further step to show that the interest in the girl is romantic, not just friendly. And I would never consider a first kiss to mean that we are a couple.

    But here I understand this is a cultural thing. For me, you kiss with people you are on a date with (usually), but that does not establish a relationship. And it is acceptable (in fact, I'd recommend it) to date more than one person at a time casually. Then when it gets serious, become exclusive. But while dating casually a kiss would not be taking things too far.

    I understand that for some girls a kiss is a commitment. So, whenever I have been out dating I have made sure I made my meaning clear and got to know what she would think of it before a kiss on a date.

  • If you are wrong.......You misread of it

    how do you know?and what should you do?

    I don't want to hear you say "I never misread or....

  • just kiss if you feel like.

    reject if you mind.

    you are the master of your body.

  • Is your question directed at me, kiss?

  • why you say direct at you?

    I just query what you said..nothing more.

  • i like what AG said....

    kiss for kiss

    kiss for joy

    kiss for cheerful

    kiss for any female alias i missed.

    i hope all those kisses do not mean i am dating you all now... hehe. no exclusivity please.

  • sometimes i want to kiss without reason. just want to be intimate with somebody.

    but no one want to be my kissing partner.

  • kiss kiss for be (i hope i did not just kiss another man)

  • thanks MrH,

    come on, don't be mean. it's just a virtual kiss.

    i wonder if a man can stand a hot french kiss without sex right the way.

  • So it was directed at me. I was asking to know if I should answer you or if you were asking another person, or just in general.

    Well, I don't think it's the guy's responsibility to always "read" what the girl is thinking. But a wise and considerate man will do his best to do so.

    I don't think girls should assume a guy loves them or wants to commit to them from a kiss. They should find out from talking with him and understanding him. And they should do that before the first kiss--- unless they just can't help it :P

  • i just wonder what a hot kiss can spark for a man.

  • Ghost man:

    "Date around but not exclusive"... how exciting!

    I like that idea...

    But keep it frank to the persons you are dating. Then there is no disagreement in the exclusivity issue. Either take it or leave it.

  • Keep it frank to the persons you date.

    I don't think people can do that,honestly.Even they say I will.

    who knows?

  • @be

    Yeah, I can. But that does make the excitement increase quickly. Guys who say they lose control over a kiss are looking for an excuse for their poor behavior.


    Absolutely. If you aren't open about it from the first then you're cheating. The question is when to start talking about that. From the first time you meet and it might be considered a date, or when it's clear you are dating?

    I think the earlier the better, but too early my scare some people off and think you are too serious.

  • be frank that one dates around not exclusively.

    well, i'd say, it works in western culture. but not in hongkie world. what i mean is to " be frank".

    hongkie, like anybody else, hates cheating. but be a frank player make it worse, esp. for girls. they call them slut. or yellow taxi (those who like foreigners).

  • Yeah, Asian countries are different.

  • Be:

    You are right about the cultural difference.

    Well, I guess people in HK are luck out.

  • yea. esp. hongkie society. very conservative. i don't mean they don't like sex or don't cheat at all. but it's hard for them to accept anything else other than norms.

  • i prefer the "who the fxxk care" attitude of the western culture.

  • I learn that the more a person is suppressed, the more desire they want to get out of the norm.

    Maybe that's explain one of the reason why HK people are in so much stressed. HKs are chinese which set by the moral norm from thousands of years; yet the exposure of western culture have their eyes open.

    I am not claiming myself a "鬼妹" personality, but being able to live overseas for so long have broadened my views and more tolerable on issues that would viewed as taboo in chinese culture.

  • cs, you are very lucky and openminded too. yet, some are bonded by the norm even they lived aboard for so long. i don't mean they have higher moral standard. they may cheat too. but they can't stand dating around publicly, gay couples, dating with foreigners, big age gap between couples etc.

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