PhD , articulate , sophisticated, well build and gorgeous man seeking relationships.

  • Sorry ladies, this is nothing but a test, a satire to mock all those MBA, intelligent, tall and handsome self-claimed wannabes that abuse these

    vocabularies so much in the relationship forums.

    This is my first thread posted so this test will provide me with data via the ' viewed counter ' to see how good my pick up line is.

    I though this could prove to be more creative and break the boring barrier that guys repetitively are posting.  Here what PhD stands for:

    - Please hire. Desperate

    - Probably headed for Divorce

    - Pathetic homeless Dreamer

    Cheers! LOL

  • lol... who's good enough for a PhD , articulate , sophisticated, well build and gorgeous man

  • haha ofcourse you have already past the test (being good enough) to have made a post in here.

    It is all in the mind.

  • It's all in the mind! lol... ok, i'll tell myself the first thing in the morning that im pretty, sexy and smart... and good enough for any guy.

  • Interesting, are you single, married or really getting divored?

  • w

    you do that and the results would be staggering ! Look at how many MBA intelligent and wealthy guys in that are hypnotized to believe what and who they claimed to be.


    - saying it in the morning infront of the mirror atleast 50 times.

    - live in self denial

    - Tell yourself I am a different person today

    - have hope that you will find a $1000 bill on your way to work

    - nose up and eyes down when you talk to people

    If all else fail, go buy yourself a "how to pick up girls" handbook for the dummies

  • I thought Bruce Wayne came by...

  • yawning....

    too much work, i better be my old fat lazy ass.

    good nite ^^

  • Robins says: Holy Macaroni Batman! Q must be the riddler !

    more like Jim Carrey just paid a visit in here.

    C - none of the above

  • Hey, Honey Bull:

    What's up? You are counting the number of "views"... Here, you got my vote here!

    FYI: Besides the studied PhDs... there are PhD can be bought with $$$$ cash. Or one is given if tremendous contribution made to society.

    Either way, all PhD's are creme de la creme...

    (My humble opinion)


  • obviously the data you get from this post will not be accurate..

    i am a guy and i still view and reply :)

  • Oh, you got a GF?

  • CS

    wave so funny that I received a spam not too long ago soliciting dimplomas for sale (any schools you want).

    I too who knows a friend who used to make fake diplomas for the right price back in school.

    CheerfulSweetie replied:

    there are PhD can be bought with $$$$ cash. Or one is given if tremendous contribution made to society.

    So thats why I saw Jacky Chan and Stanley Ho were granted a PhD. I wonder how they do in their research thesis ?

  • C - girl friends are high maintenance so I rather be a celibate

    average - I adjust my margin of error in my formula. No sweat

  • If it is not Valentines day and you see a man in a flower shop, you can probably start up a conversation by asking, 'What did you do?

  • bulldog

    your english sxxks! didn't pass my test...

  • Bull:

    If you need a boost of the view counter in your thread; let me give you a suggestion....claim yourself a PhD, and write a little journal about the fat inheritance granted to you. In no time, you will be the "most viewed" and "Most reply" thread of the

    You will kick Beagle out and become the most eligible bachelor.


  • tail wiggling they are for my mother

  • CS LOL that is funny! But I would have to restructure my thread heading to something like this for a double whammy!

    Uneducated lonely boy, inherited a billion (how much is that?), seeking for a female companion to spend with.

    The catch is being uneducated would rendered me oblivious to legalities of the law and the black widow could come and swallow me whole.

    candy (the one without capitalization) - thank you. I know because english is my third language and I am really trying very hard to learn this difficult lingual at night school. :)

  • doggy

    Seems you are not serious to look for a lady puppy.

    *steps on doggy's tail and run"

  • Candy - I may be a doggy but I set high moral standards. I am not a pedophile and I do not have interests in lady PUPPIES. xD

  • this is a very hilarious topic. great to kill time in here

    Bulldog you are quite charming.

  • doggy

    What do you want then?

    A lady octopus? rolling the eyes

  • Candy - what I want? let me think..........I'll put it in song

    Imagine there's no heaven

    It's easy if you try

    No hell below us

    Above us only sky

    Imagine all the people

    Living for today...

    Imagine there's no countries

    It isn't hard to do

    Nothing to kill or die for

    And no religion too

    Imagine all the people

    Living life in peace...(without BS)*******

    You may say I'm a dreamer

    But I'm not the only one (pointing my golden fingers)********

    I hope someday you'll join us

    And the world will be as one

    Snow - thank you. Just pat me on my head and stroke my ears :)

  • Candy & Bull:

    Lady dog = bitch

    In such case, Bull stated he is not interested in "lady puppies", that's right, he is not interested in a bitch.

    Who would?

  • I'm sure the infamous Federic would. O^0

  • Bull:

    Good catchy line:

    Uneducated lonely boy, inherited a billion $$$, seeking for a female companion to spend with.

    The meaning embedded in this statement: a rich but stupid man... to gold digger, she knows how easy is that to manipulate the wealth when he got no brains...

  • Bingo! how wonderful sometimes words could be so manipulative and suggestive when used correctly. with a little imagination. My tribute to John Lennon

  • Bull:

    Oh, come on... Federic already has so many sexy girlfriends. The last thing is would put an eye on is a bitch.

  • aiya u 2 talks behind my boss back huh.... < "using chinese 8 por tones"

    guess i can't say anything about him, FYI, he do got a bitchy sec. ^^

  • doggy

    nice song btw, one of my fav.

  • CS

    Not accusing anyone. Here is one vicious scenerio that might happen to anyone.

    A womanizer. Excitement decreased. Tired of women so he becomes bi curious. Curiosity landed him into a full homo. Elevation of spritis diminished and he goes for phedohilia. Tired of children so he attempts bestiality. That becomes boring so he becomes sadistic. After a while he goes back to his g/f or wife and the cycle starts again.

    I called this the adrenaline junkie cycle of addiction.

    All things are possible and nothing is impossible.

  • Candy:

    No ya, I didn't say bad things about your boss ah. I said Federic wouldn't lay an eye on a bitch.

    Bulldog, however, is destined to be with a bitch because he has no other option beside mating with a female dog.

    Maybe that's why Bulldog has shut the door on getting a bitchy mate. Simply because he doesn't want to do anything with a bitch.

  • Candy - a lovely song indeed.

    BTW if your contract is finally over with him, come join us so we could 8 por all the way without feeling guilt.

    Candy replied @ 2008-05-14 1:13 am

    he do got a bitchy sec

    so you mean sec as in secretary ? ofcourse anyone who wants to get through the boss must first go through the sec. She has an over inflated ego because she 's his firewall.

  • Bulldog, you are biting on Federic's leg... hahaha.

    I am not so worry about Federic ability to fight back. In one of the self-claimed line, he is honest and not fear of feeding negative comments.

    That means, people can be nasty if he is tooooo honest.

    Bulldog bites on nasty Federic.

    (Soda and popcorn ready for the show)

  • hahaha CS are you getting him one?


    I thought you was going to ask me to work for you after.

    Sec is secretary, my job duty is get him the chickens at nights, easy job tho.

  • CS - wrong. I have but a final option. I use mind over matter. I do not need to mate because I do not need heirs to cry at my funeral. Whatever I saved goes to charity.

    In fact, I have stated above I am a celibate. For now

  • To me celibate = flower heart, also = federic kind.


    May I join you? I will bring a bottle of champagne.

  • Candy, are you applying a job to Bulldog?

    If your experience was calling Chicken for Federic; then your new job is to get bitches for Bulldog.

  • Candy - no ones work for me. Remember the lyrics in the song Imagine.

    we are all equals and if we must share the same office, you must become my partner.

    Snatching night snacks could be done through Maria, the maid. :)

  • CS

    Why not? I do know a lot female dogs... I mean bitches. ^^

  • OK in addition to being celibate, I also practice chastity.

    So I am one dependable and pure gentleman. Period.

  • Candy: I agree with you on your formula:

    celibate = flower heart

    What is worse case to a rich man if he can enjoy so many girls without a single wife-commitment. That means, celibate not necessary be loyal to yourself, but to fickle with lots of different girlfriends.

  • Snatching night snacks could be done through Maria, the maid. :)

    Interesting interesting, doggy: do I have to change my name to Maria if I work for you? I call chicken, I dunno how to cook chicken tho. worries can't get a job

  • Bull, now your claim is valid:

    Celibate & Chastity

    An unwilling humping Bulldog.

  • hahaha CS I got you there! My post is before yours so its validated.

    You can't accuse me of flower heart

  • I'm glad you said An unwilling humping Bulldog.

    but not unable humping Bulldog. wiping sweat off my forehead

  • Bull, now you started this...

    Why are you unwilling? Is it because you are "unable"?

  • what comes first ? the chicken or the egg ?

    I had all the fun in my teen and young adult years. I've seen everything. Once sexual intimacy is performed, commitment follows. I dont go breaking girls' hearts (Billy Jean).

    Chicken is not my option. I don't thread through those forbidden grounds.

    So therefore, without burdening with the guilt of breaking hearts and having commitments, I will have to go Celibate & Chastity

  • I never had any problem, if I tell the guy I am celibate, seemed all the men are happy and willing to leave first thing in the morning.