HongKong girls are so beautiful. How can I get the chance to meet them?

  • As the title suggests. Im a 'gweiloh' who has recently moved to Hong Kong to live.

    I don't like drinking much, and am a bit of a self confessed workoholic. Unfortunately this means I rarely get the chance to meet ladies outside of work.

    Im not old, im not fat and im not ugly. Until recently I had a long time girlfriend, though that ended when I moved to HK for work.

    I would be interested in talking with any ladies or even guys, regarding meeting people in Hong Kong. I wish to increase my social circle and actually find a social life, instead of working all the time.

    So, does anyone have some tips for me. Other than "go to LKF and get a silly girl drunk", because If I had $1.00 for each time I heard that I would be rich!

    Ideas, anyone?

    PS* If you're lazy, you can just add my msn. kazaamman@nowhere.com


  • U're interested in meeting HK gal? Just out of curiosity,how did u find this web site? There is no HK gal in your office?