Honestly, how many girls think they are pretty?

  • Hi Sis,

    Do u think you're pretty? Be honest. 

    I used to think I am ok la, but a lot a ppl say I'm pretty. When I start  new jobs, many guys chase me. (But unfortunately, no guys really suitable.) So  now I think I'm pretty. But I cannot tell ppl about that coz if i say that, they will think i'm too proud.

    What do u guys think about your yourself honestly? Pretty or not pretty?

  • 點解會由以前覺得 ok 變成依家覺得自己靚呢? 就係因為多人追所以信心大左?

  • What do u want? I am seeking for a wife. I am handsome, well educated and have good job. Serious. But i am lonely. Extreme lonely.

  • Most girls think they are pretty. It's probably human nature for a female or male to focus on their good aspects and try to block our of forget about their negative points.

    What do I think about it all? I think most girls are pretty. Some girls have nice legs, some a pretty smile or nice skin. Some may even have lovely breasts or personality.

    Everyone is pretty in some form, though it doesnt have to be 'magazine pretty'. In fact I think magazine-like girls are very dull.


  • 我覺得自己ok,



    都朋友同身邊另一半都覺得係: 獨立, 对另一半唔太痴身, 幫助別人, 隨和, 愛笑, 有耐心同有愛心


    人既個性/品行好重要, 对別人多d關心/體諒人既外表都會變得靚d,



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