phoenix reborn - stories come along

  • hi all - remember the old days that someone posted some his previous stories here? he's gone, but like phoenix reborn from the ash, it comes again with another identity

    my call - for those who loves and are able to share his / her life, especially on love and sex, seductive and lusty, flirty but not dirty, come and join us NOW

    let's bring up she as a bright place for sharing your top secret

  • should i start some new stories first? as a bait?

    well, the latest story comes from a lovely gal and we started dating. she's pretty, sexy, and willing to open her mind for communication. our first date went not too well, we met in lkf, drank a bit and talked a lot. she was stunning at that night, though nothing happened further.

    i was not that confident to pick her up but something really happens after our first try. guys, sometimes you may need to work harder if you got the indication of interest from a newly met lady.

    here we go...

  • after a long time without real hanging out with girls, i was a bit stuck and didn't really know what to do next after our first date. we did text each other, seldom chat over the phone, but i trusted we left each other an ok feeling, if there is any

    one strange thing is: i kept falling into bad luck throughout the days since we met, no reason and i don't think it's about anything i met. but she might not think alike, this may block our future? i don't really think so. when a man strives for his future with a woman, that's charming moment

  • some critical change occurred when i told something to her with my body language - i sat next to her and kept my face very close to hers - within 1/2 inch we could kiss. that made her heart beat up, brush on cheek, and i could see her response - stuck but not escape. that's indication of interest 2!

    next time, guys, try to get some chance to sit closer with your lady, go 90% to her and wait her to feedback for the 10%, you will get something

  • are you wxxxgen????

  • good morning - hehehe, yes i am

    it's a sad day, i screw up a date yesterday... sigh...

  • i don't know why i am always in trouble with relationship. she just thought we are over, without a reason. i don't recall any message hinted to that end but anyway, let's see if we can fix it... i really don't want an end like this

  • good morning guys and gals

    after bearing some tough time and problem should be readily fixed... how are you guys lately? any progress on hunting and meeting any nice partners? share more, come on

  • 我都好似睇過你d野,你係咪果個呀?


  • thanks c9 chai

    you can say i am him, or not... it's nothing important but i am now here, it's the reality

  • good evening, ladies and gents

    any lately update on your sex life?

    i continue trying to date a gal who had good time for us, she's stunning, with good figures, young, and pretty of course...

    we like chatting with each other, though we are quite from different worlds, we still enjoy the moments we had, especially when we made love wildly

    she loves riding, and i love seeing her rides and made her cum...

    let's roll back our camera to our first time


  • seems not interested by anybody...

  • i tried once to make love with her, as she wore a short skirt, t-shirt, and i couldn't wait to remove her under-pant, and started the sex... she was so juicy... and i didn't start with a condom

    she looked very enjoying, and i was damn excited for not taking off her clothes, like we were so hungry for each other

    my dick was getting harder, hotter, and bigger while fxxking more... damn i feel horny even i recall the scene now

  • shxt, i made a mistake - sorry to type something on the alias... ;-(

    i am not used to this board after a long while i am away

  • r the 2 gals u've mentioned is the same person? if "yes", how come she'll have sex with u by turning u down after few dates?

  • good morning marie - well, it's long story... but yes, they are the same one

    she never turned me down but we were in argument as we are not always on the same page to deal with things

    how are you doing?

  • good morning everyone - anyone wanna chat? or it's a sat morning for sleeping?

    sat morning reminds me an experience i had - we were drinking in a birthday party, she was my colleague at that time, and i was the one who sent her home, the funny thing is that she was drunk and i have no idea where she lived

    so i asked her, no answer; i searched her belongings, no clue; i used her phone to find a home number, no hint; i asked other colleagues of ours, no response, and eventually i can just sent her a hotel and i slept on the sofa...

  • in the next morning, she woke up first and woke me up and asked where she is... i told her the whole story and she felt sorry about that. well it's ok, and she was delighted by my gentleness... you know, it's not my will

    anyway, she hugged me on the sofa and kissed my cheek, and i kissed her lips back for a 10 min long wet kiss, and my hands could stop searching her body

    she was married, but seldom sex in her marriage life - no clue why

    i put her on the bed and we kept kissing, i tasted her body with my tongue... and when i searched her private place, it was drowning...

    no way to stop us make it then, i felt she could easily cum, and that time, i could have a great morning...

    to be continued...

  • i quickly removed her pants as i was damn horny at that moment... i pulled off my pants and took the condom on... gave her a morning shot... wah... so juicy and tight place i was in

    the most exciting part was her screaming and moaning... it drove me nud... it killed me indeed... she moaned, cried like being raped... said no but wanted more... i doubted she didn't make it for months

    i put her on me, both sitting, and undress her... her tits drove me crazy again, her hubby is really a wasteful guy... i would rather fxxk this woman every night if i were him


  • i don't wanna explore the reason but i am fond of morning sex in my entire life, aren't you?

  • we were naked... and hugged each other tightly on the soft bed... i was on her... i could feel each penetration made her crazy... i squeezed her nipples... with rhythm... and from her reaction i knew she cumed once

    but i was not yet satisfactory, i put her in doggie post, and tried another round of deeper fxxk... wow... she never tried like this, like a bitch being raped... or like a wife being fxxked by someone else

    i stripped her private place with my brother, and i knew she never experienced this as well

  • haha - it seems i am a nud now... keep messaging on my own... silly me again

  • or you are willing to share your and my stories in private, why don't we chat over msn

    my msn id is

  • back to the morning one

    we enjoyed for quite long time, after that, we became partners, and we did try doing it in multiple locations... the next station is office

  • now the camera is on the office - a quite big one, 2000 something sq ft and of course i was with my own room, indeed 2

    she was not under my department or management, but we need to communicate frequently due to her supporting nature

    let me pick one story here - she was at my office for discussing some legal issues... others were out for lunch and we needed to make it down before 3pm, so we delayed our lunch as usual

    i asked her to come on my side, have a look at the doc on the screen that i drafted

    she leaned on the table... stood in front of me with an ass out toward me... shxt... i hitched her hip, and she stood up, and i hugged her back... pulled up her skirt, and i told her i would like to tear off her under pantie... she said no, and i was doing do

    and i ran to lock the door, gave her a fxxk... she couldn't voice a bit until we'd done

  • hey, thought you dont recognize me, i am one of your readers, i mean, before your reborn

    glad to see you here again, do share with us, good day

  • Good morning pickup. Sounds interesting with your life. Do you mind a male chat in here too?

    And sorry for my poor english and I think I will post in chinese sometimes

  • kk - for sure i recall your name... welcome to join us

    yoda - gents are welcome too... don't mind the language stuff, it's just a tool to communicate, suit yourself

  • Pickup2008 - I just answered your response in my thread.

    And when I surfed, I found yours. I read your whole

    thread, ummm but I don't want to comment.

    I read it as a story, a real story (I trust).

    What I am interested is what is the relationship between

    you and her now. You sound like missing those days.

  • i was like reading a script, thanks for ur share. may i know except the hotel room n office, where else have u tried?

  • thanks sophie - i will check that out. well our relationship is not in clear cloud, and many things have to be worked out if we want to take it from there... how about you? are you with any gent?

  • marie - locations always give me excitement - how about you? did you try any good stuff? share with me here or in msn if you can

    or we may make our stories sometime if chance comes ;-)

  • I am pretty okay.

    I wish I can find someone who can

    communicate with me 'well' here.

    Are you working in a law firm?

  • why do you get that idea? indeed i had a solicitor gf years ago, but i am never employed by any firm...

    surely there are many guys who can communicate well, it depends upon if they are on the same wave length as we are

  • I just have a feeling that you are in the law field.

    I don't think there are really guys whom I think I

    can 'communicate' well with. I found 1-2 but let's see.

    Are you always here?

  • i am not always here but more on msn... you know, my mac is pretty slow accessing here

  • a very exhaused day of mine, but it's fruitful as i can meet some friends i haven't seen for quite a while

    guys and gals, how's your day?

  • What a monday - long, bored and tired.

  • oh sorry, sophie

    yes, rainy days and mondays are always like that

  • 2008 and artist are the same guys?

    Anyway, rainy day is better than long monday.

  • yes indeed

    that's pity, today is monday and rainy ;-)

    time for a relaxing bath...

  • hey, you did not tell me if you are pickup2008.

  • pickup2008

    why u are using another nick and another msn??

    how many girls u have been dating/seeing at the same time?

  • some people are pretending the others, which happen

    very often these days in she.

    i don't know why people do that ?!

  • wonder - i can't logon with the another account i registered here, and also my home apple hangs when i logon with old msn accounts, don't know why, and just tried to register new one and see if it works fine, but it failed too

    and i have shown my identity in the very beginning for this new thread and new account

  • good morning everyone

  • not a good morning of mine...


  • whats up pickup?

  • pickup

    better check out if u have the uptodate MSN.

    so, how many girls u are dating/seeing right now?

  • kk - just feel very exhausted... many issues i have to deal with

    wonder - i did update my msn, OS, and all patches that i can download... no use at all

    i am seeing no one now... how about you?