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  • no alias choice gei??

  • nicole930 .... you are right, we did something wrong.... and our tec team is fixing right away.... sorry for any trouble casue

  • 我都唔知she.com搞咁多做乜?好多基本問題你地都未解決!

    1. 第二版如果未夠100個post,就會出現番之前第一版o既post(e.g.第一頁1-100post、第二頁有101-150個post,但係會show埋51-150個post!)

    2. search engine,家下叫做好番d,但係之前果個連人用o黎開post o既名都可以search,我都唔知點會無啦啦倒退到只係可以search topic?

    3. 洗版唔會有tech可以阻止到咁。


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  • 好想講

    old version 先有 特色


    又易睇, 相對我地來講, 加相唔重要


  • 補充第一點﹕以前係唔會咁,第二版係得10個post得10個,斷唔會搞到人眼都花。

  • Hi 唔明 :

    thanks for you suggestion

    1.this is fixed in the Test/beta version and will put it in the simple/old version. engine :

    this will be avaialbe in the next replease ( serach topic by user)

    3. 洗版唔會有tech可以阻止到咁

    That's why we testing the block user function

    thanks for the comment

  • block user fuction 係米=如果block左 X,X不能在本人的開的topic留言?

  • 係new version "my fav" ,我d "my fav message" 排亂,有d message 很舊的message排前面,新的不見了

    ps.i have over 1000 "my fav message"

  • Hi all:

    For the lost thread, we've uploaded them back and please forgive the technical difficulty we created. If anyone still have lost thread, please report to our tech staff and we will retrieve it as early as possible

    As for the廣告thread, one additional function in the new version can allow you to block that user. We hope this will help .

    Finally, thank you for all the comment; we are doing our best to fix any technical issue ASAP and please give us any comment and suggestion to make this message board a better place

    by stella@she - 03/23/07 17:52


    你地似乎都唔明問題所在!! 最大問題唔係唔見thread, 係一條thread下面好多個posts唔見嗮!! 你試下以下呢條thread, 應該係有8個 replies既, 現在只有一個, 係你地出事後posted上去既, 所以先係度, 咁之前嗰7個replies你地就整唔見嗮!! 根本好多條thread到係唔見嗮人地d replies!! 你可以修復幾多? 未見過有網站改版改到你地咁糊塗,咁唔專業!!


    以下這條thread應有8個replies, 你地唔見7個!!

    "有無用過Body Shop既美白補濕系列? 好用嗎? budget有限, 我想買d平價d既護膚品, 如補濕i精華, eye serum, 有無好介紹呢? Thanks"

  • hi Pz:

    For the BLock user function, only you don't see any post from that person in all your message,others will. as for you suggestion. as for 如果block左 X,X不能在本人的開的topic留言" this is one of the next feature we are still planning to launch or not.

    My favourite issue:

    Thanks for the suggestion, we will add the sorting function in our next release


  • 你係"方向"小姐?

  • Who is 方向"小姐 ar??

  • Who is 方向"小姐 ar??

    by 88 - 03/26/07 00:22



  • by stella@SHE - 03/26/07 00:16

    thanks for ur replies


    1. 第二版如果未夠100個post,就會出現番之前第一版o既post(e.g.第一頁1-100post、第二頁有101-150個post,但係會show埋51-150個post!)




  • Pz連 d人都識


  • Pz連 d人都識


    by ?? - 03/26/07 02:03