Can someone give me advice?

  • Have a LD for four years. Basically we talk everyday....recently he starts talks less and I get pissed off....argued on this issue for several times... We didnt call each other for 3d ays (longest days we havent talked) and last night, finally I couldnt stop and called him. He told me that he felt empty in his heart and he isnt sure his feeling towards me anymore (maybe becoz of the recent frequent quarrels)....I still love him very much and I dont wanna lose him.... but what can I do?

  • Please help....I have insomnia these days already and I couldnt focus on anything...

  • well, have you guys met before? and is this LD relationship going to end anytime soon? I mean, either of you willing to move to the same country and stay together or what?

    he said he felt empty in his heart, does that means he is tired of the LD relationship or what? if neither one of you are willing to "sacrfies" to move to the same place, I also, don't see a too "bright" future (sorry to say that)

    maybe you two should really have a nice talk and see how you two can make any adjustments for the future.

  • 細kk : Thanks for your reply. We meet quite frequently, in average once in few months, either I go there or he comes here.... for the future, we talked about it before...most likely after 2 years we will live together in any one place....

    Last night, I asked if we should take a break and he doesnt want to.... he feeels empty or confused about the life, his feeling towards me etc and he wants times to figure out. He just doesnt feel like to call and no problem for him if I dont call. There is no third party between us and I am sad that I cant do anything to improve the situation and feel our love is dying...

    Does it happen that guy always have moody period like him? Can any guys tell me also?

  • well, if you 2 had "committments" on your future already, I suppose your relationship were pretty stable to begin with. Maybe like what you had said, he is in a moody period, and needs time off (for the relationship)

    maybe he really needs to have you to stay close to him, to really share his ups and downs in daily life, instead of just your "voice" over the phone to comfort him.

    I wish you good luck, and I know LD relationship is hard to begin with, and difficult to maintain. For I was in a LD relationship before too, but I chose to move back to where he is.

    Think think if there are other solutions you can do, and if both of you still have the passion inside, I am sure you will find your way. take care!

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