Smokers prefer to use the electronic cigarette for smoking cessation

  • Since 1997, the US Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) has approved the use of the nicotine inhaler as smoking cessation aid. Smokers only need a mouthful breath in plastic,the equipment can pass nicotine into the mouth and looks like an old cigarette holder.

    New Jersey State University internist Dr. Michael Steinberg (Michael Steinberg) said: "although these products are on the market for more than 15 years, but doctors and consumers do not know much about them." Dr. Steinberg is responsible for a tobacco treatment project.

    Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) is made by the principle of nicotine gasification internal liquid. These devices seem to become more and more popular among people who want to quit, as well as those crowd who want to find alternatives to cigarettes . Some electronic cigarette products are particularly attractive to young people.

    In order to compare the consumer's acceptance for the nicotine inhaler and luxury electronic cigarette, Steinberg and his colleagues provided a electronic cigarettes and nicotine inhalers for 40 smokers every three days, and request the feedback of using experience of smokers. The results show that the electronic cigarette gained high evaluation, because they are more effective and more acceptable and more cool.Electronic Cigarettes For Sale is here.

    Dr. Steinberg said: "the electronic cigarette is more popular. Despite the lack of evidence of electronic cigarettes in the aspects of safety and effectiveness, but about more than 3/4 of respondents said they will use the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, the nicotine inhaler approved by FDA gained only 1/4 supporters. Evaluation difference between electronic cigarettes and nicotine inhaler may be caused by marketing. Electronic cigarette advertising to do well, but the nicotine inhaler without the publicity."

    In this study, 18% participants using electronic cigarettes had no smoking in three days of testing, and the nicotine inhaler figure is only 10%. "If the electronic cigarette will rule the tobacco market in the next few decades, we need to verify that the product is safe." Dr. Steinberg said, "if they are controlled, then we can use their appeal and use them as auxiliary equipment of reduction of nicotine intake."Now you can try Evod Ce4 as a stop-smoking aid.

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