Sex and the witty

  • Sex and the witty

  • Spending time lurking around this forum has made me ponder the question:

    why do most men like their relationships like they like their eggs - over easy, whilst women prefer to poach? This scrambles my brain.

    A particular man caught my eye, a very particular specimen indeed. He is the quintessential example of the over easy kind. It's a shame really, a real shame, a shame that the feelings I have developed for this longwinded lover will sadly be wasted on a man who has no intentions to be privatized.

    His hard-boiled stance on "casual dating" is a pussy repellent, for if he were a man of virtue and commitment, I would let him play in my kitty box all day every day. Too bad he'll forever remain my cyber fantasy, only to make purr in my wildest dreams.

  • LT

    nobody's perfect!

  • if he is not an womanizer, he might be into drugs.

    if he is not an womanizer & not into drugs, he might be addicted to gambling.

    if he is none of the above, he must be an saint. lol

  • Thank you tether, I know you're a cheater, lol.

  • tether,

    Isn't it a typo --- 'an saint' should be 'insane'? LOL

    P.S. Aligning with the topic, I left my posting at the same thread in the s-board instead ;)

  • likewitty,

    You're so sane, you know everything and you're always right, you're a man of great moral standards. :)

  • LT

    just a thin line between sanity and insanity, or perhaps not?

    probably they are the same thing with different perspectives?


  • LT

    i am an cheater with no cheatee, such a loser. want to be my cheatee? lol

  • Sanity and insanity sometimes is just an excuse for one's bad behavior.

    tether, sorry, I hate losers but you can join the Twitty Camp though, Lol

  • LT

    what are bad behaviors ?

    yeah, i knew u hate me. lol

  • LT

    why hate the losers? they are here to serve an noble purpose in this world, dont u know?

    hope you can be more compassionate. lol

  • So obvious now, you guys all belong to the Twitty Camp, wakaka.

  • Twitty Camp, yuck.

  • LT

    are u the recruiter for twitty camp? lol

    any 'jackso' if i join? wkakakaka............

  • Jackso is you get to join the likes of likewitty, googe and tether, isn't that great fun? Lol

  • LT

    i dont think we are gay though. lol

  • i couldnt speak for the others, but i am no gay. lol

  • LT

    even the Nazi's concentration camps had women & twitty camp are all guys. that sxxk. lol

  • Well, you'll never know if you never try, you guys will get on fine in there. wink wink LOL

  • LT, of all men who posted here, and women for that matter, likewitty is the longest winded one. the amount of air he takes to make a point if any at all is more than enough to propel an hot air balloon around the world...

    bursting his little reality may cause him to crash land early... lol

  • p

    Malaysian airline? that's spooky

  • i taut i taw a puddy tat.... lol

  • pointer,

    Nicely put and totally agreed, wakaka.

    Seems like so many of us noticed his long winded style and got affected by it, good or bad, who knows, lol.


    If so, this dude is so powerful, lol.

  • 正能樣 成張班中國人扮洋鬼子講番話

  • 吊 中國玩能完

  • 旺角豪哥 replied at 2014-03-12 4:41 pm


    吊 中國玩能完


    exactly! judging by the quality of these remarks, we should have concern... lol

  • p

    well put! lol

  • LT, I am curious about your wasted feelings? care to elaborate further? pardon me for being nosy. lol

  • 寫中文啦能樣。最憎唐人扮蕃狗。返去你間星巴克用幾十蚊買杯咖啡扮有品味啦!

  • hahaha.... so many funny a-holes in hk!!!

  • shut up yellow bastards $&;:/@&

  • Pointer, why are you so nosy? Are you interested in me or the incomparable likewitty? Lol.

    I am just a bit flabbergasted now that the Witty refused to link with the Twitty, so back to the drawing board. Lol

    Likewitty, until next time! wink

    Btw, Starbucks ain't that great, small independent coffee shops might sell better coffee, though for some all coffee taste the same, lol.

  • like it or not, twitty is eternally linked with witty. like peas to a pod, nut to a bolt...

  • witty from kwun tong?

  • 正宗香港人 replied at 2014-03-15 10:34 am





    NO 益.AR

  • pointer replied at 2014-03-16 2:27 pm


    like it or not, twitty is eternally linked with witty. like peas to a pod, nut to a bolt...


    Kinda, everything should have their matching halves.....

    This day will come when Twitty and Witty sign a treaty, lol.

  • LT, what kind of treaty you have in mind? something akin to a nuptial contract? lol

  • Pointer,

    You got to be kidding me, could you stand this dude for one day? lol.

    He can join the twitty camp for further evaluations, let see what we can do for him.

  • LT,

    I am just a pointer... I have no intention to take part in any activities in any direction remotely near LW or the likes.

    I am however curious as to why you seem to know so much about your adversary, and why you seem so interested in him as to dedicate a post all in his name. lol

  • liketwitty

    twitty,got anyone or anything to twit today? lol

  • Pointer,

    Adverasry? OMG, are you serious? Likewitty is infamous in here, I have nothing agianst him, you seemed to know a lot about him too. Are you his friend? Lol


    Do you want me to dedicate a thread to you? Ok, let me do some research on you then, lol.

  • LT

    welcome, to do an body search on me, if u are a lady.

    please, by all

  • LT,

    I have no friends in here. are you interested in being the first one?

  • oohhhhhhh... where has my twitty gone?

  • tether replied at 2014-03-24 5:20 pm



    welcome, to do an body search on me, if u are a lady.

    please, by all


    Ewww, I will leave it for the "lucky" ones. Lol

  • pointer replied at 2014-03-25 2:03 pm


    oohhhhhhh... where has my twitty gone?


    You're so friendly, when did I became yours? Lol

  • Hi LT,

    You sound like fun!

  • Birdie replied at 2014-03-25 2:26 pm


    Hi LT,

    You sound like fun!


    Hi there!

    Am I? I hope is a compliment, lol.

  • Of course it's meant to be one. Bored at work too?

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