Sex and the witty

  • Sex and the witty

  • Spending time lurking around this forum has made me ponder the question:

    why do most men like their relationships like they like their eggs - over easy, whilst women prefer to poach? This scrambles my brain.

    A particular man caught my eye, a very particular specimen indeed. He is the quintessential example of the over easy kind. It's a shame really, a real shame, a shame that the feelings I have developed for this longwinded lover will sadly be wasted on a man who has no intentions to be privatized.

    His hard-boiled stance on "casual dating" is a pussy repellent, for if he were a man of virtue and commitment, I would let him play in my kitty box all day every day. Too bad he'll forever remain my cyber fantasy, only to make purr in my wildest dreams.

  • LT

    nobody's perfect!

  • if he is not an womanizer, he might be into drugs.

    if he is not an womanizer & not into drugs, he might be addicted to gambling.

    if he is none of the above, he must be an saint. lol

  • Thank you tether, I know you're a cheater, lol.

  • tether,

    Isn't it a typo --- 'an saint' should be 'insane'? LOL

    P.S. Aligning with the topic, I left my posting at the same thread in the s-board instead ;)

  • likewitty,

    You're so sane, you know everything and you're always right, you're a man of great moral standards. :)

  • LT

    just a thin line between sanity and insanity, or perhaps not?

    probably they are the same thing with different perspectives?


  • LT

    i am an cheater with no cheatee, such a loser. want to be my cheatee? lol

  • Sanity and insanity sometimes is just an excuse for one's bad behavior.

    tether, sorry, I hate losers but you can join the Twitty Camp though, Lol

  • LT

    what are bad behaviors ?

    yeah, i knew u hate me. lol

  • LT

    why hate the losers? they are here to serve an noble purpose in this world, dont u know?

    hope you can be more compassionate. lol

  • So obvious now, you guys all belong to the Twitty Camp, wakaka.

  • Twitty Camp, yuck.

  • LT

    are u the recruiter for twitty camp? lol

    any 'jackso' if i join? wkakakaka............

  • Jackso is you get to join the likes of likewitty, googe and tether, isn't that great fun? Lol

  • LT

    i dont think we are gay though. lol

  • i couldnt speak for the others, but i am no gay. lol

  • LT

    even the Nazi's concentration camps had women & twitty camp are all guys. that sxxk. lol

  • Well, you'll never know if you never try, you guys will get on fine in there. wink wink LOL

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