Find young ppl who can chat with me

  • I am a 24 yrs old young man
    Currently on a business trip oversea kinda lonely
    Wanna chat with someone with congenial hobbies
    Studied Music in uni but my interests are far more than that.
    Please chat with me about Science, Arts, Humanlities, Architecture, History, Philosophy or even Politics
    Other topics are welcomed
    Also, I do a lots of Sports and outdoor activities

    No superficial conversations

    Don't wanna disclose much of my personal details otherwise would be spotted by my friends easily lol

  • HI~

    I am a 18yrs old boy

    would you mind:)?

  • douglaschan replied at 2012-04-08 3:05 pm



    I am a 18yrs old boy

    would you mind:)?


    Why not.

    Nice to meet you mate. Do you share the same interest as mine listed above?

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