Hi, i am happy to know good guys finding sp, and i guess here some good gals too!

  • 在這裡一段時間了, 

    開了一個FB GROUP, 打算為各男女更易搵到SP


    不過還好, 有很多高大的男士, (樣子不詳)


    actually, i hv a sp now,

    she is so much like my fd,

    we go movie, dinner, and sex.

    and we really dun hv any burden of love, 

    coz we seldom contact, and only contact for dating out for these things.

    i know i m a bit greedy,

    but i wanna know one more whom i may have a little bit good feeling with her.

    any here?

    i am a 27 guy, 180cm, sporty, fit looking and figure.

    lets contact


  • hi, lets chat a bit

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