Wanna to meet a lady companion in Singapore today

  • Hi dear, I am alone here for business trip. Being a gentleman in late 30s, medium built, gentle, caring and well-educated, I would like to try my luck here to meet you, a nice lady, for hangout together to have movies, food and drink together. We can enjoy, relax and have funs together in a good weekend. If you are interested, feel free to drop me a line here or add my MSN for a chat : nicengentle@hotmail.com.hk. Cheers

  • Any lady now in singapore??

  • ACCT, do you have car?

  • Hi race, I don't have car in singapore as just here for business trip a few days. I have car in HK. Are you in Singapore now??

  • Hello race, are you still there. Wanna to chat more in MSN or anyway to contact you :)

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