What a Boring night!!!! Any ladies around wanna chat?? (English please thx)

  • Any topic should be cool.

  • Hi, but it is late that i wanna sleep...=P

  • ha ha u wanna sleep but you still have some energy to leave me a massage, thats so nice of you!!he he

  • that's because i think that you are interesting =D

    are you mixed foreigner? just a wild guess

  • mmmm I'm 1/3 mix but no chinese blood born here though. Yup thats why made that as it's catchy ha ha, so what time u waking up tomorrow?

  • it depends on how deep i sleep... haha

    tomorrow morning i have nothing to do so i might wake up in the afternoon =D

    so which country do you come from?

  • sorry i meant thats why i made that name

  • since you said that you have no chinese blood born, so i'm just asking which country contributes on your blood born~

  • Nice same here i'm off!!! Mmmmm how deep.....then depends how tired you are!!! Did any exercise today?? he he

  • and you live in HK, right?

  • typo... blood not blood born |||

    no exercise today at all =]

  • as a mixed guy, you've got the poor enghsih, guess that you are a young Hong Kong's guy who pretend a mixed to attact silly ladies

  • Lady, i'm just here to chat not to show off how professional my english can be. Why need to be so uptight on how you chat. Plus you seems bored too, no need to work tomorrow as well?

    Rena, Yes I live in hong kong. n whats your plans for tomorrow?

  • Rena, forgot to reply your earlier post, rather not disclose too much of my personal info here. Then I will be easily identified ha ha.

  • then plz tell me secretly =P

    would you like to give me your msn?

    i have lesson at night tomorrow

  • rena . oh ! u are here


  • yes is cool, u can add me cuteroy@hotmail.com.

    Oh you are a part-time student? anyway lets talk on msn then.

  • Rena replied at 2010-10-21 1:55 am


    then plz tell me secretly =P

    would you like to give me your msn?

    i have lesson at night tomorrow


    Rena, hi, thought you has gone

    could you add me to chat too?


  • Vario> hi XD

    Mixed> no in fact i'm a full time student, just studying janpanese at night outside

  • hehe

    Rena. I know u are smart girl will add me also, right?

    just in case let me catch ya hehe

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