Seeking a lady for a romantic CNY weekend at the Upper House

  • Hello wonderful ladies,

    I was thinking that maybe I could entice you into spending a weekend with me during Chinese New Year at the Upper House. Just to start, a self-introduction: early 30s, Stanford graduate, founder of several startups in the Silicon Valley and now splitting my time between US and HK to expand my companies' operations. I'm seeking a relationship an intelligent and beautiful lady without the confines of traditional expectations and boundaries. A thirst for adventure is close to my heart. <br></br><br></br>
    I imagine us checking into the newly opened Upper House on a Saturday evening. Before I get you settled in to our room, let's get acquainted over a relaxing drink and light dinner together at the Caprice. It sounds like a great way to continue the evening. I'm sure you will need some rest after your busy week at work. <br></br><br></br>
    That would lead us to a very nice ride up the elevator to our lair for the weekend. I hope we are alone on the ride up, this being my first chance to really hold your hand. I can only imagine how wonderful you will smell. Our room will be very spacious and a large tub will be available. I see a fresh pack of strawberries and champagne ready for our consumption. I'd like to savor this evening. <br></br><br></br>

    Sunday - this is your day; a spoiling day for you. Let's go for a couples spa after our lazy brunch on the bed. Dinner - you get to pick the restaurant this time, as long as it is on the west side of Cotton Tree Drive. I want all eyes in the restaurant to be on you when we walk into the restaurant. Shall we go do a little shopping after our spa in search of a perfect dress and red-soles shoes for this evening? I can't wait to embrace you again after our dinner.

    A goodbye kiss on Monday morning, only to look forward to our next encounter. If this piques your interest, do drop me an introduction at Your intelligence and impeccable hygiene are of utmost importance to me.

    p.s. If you have any photos you'd like to share, please send them. I'm visually oriented.

  • wow, what a romantic film!!

  • wow, what a romantic film!!


    Pretty Woman

  • walking down the street

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