i have bf la......no longer single

  • 我現在相信緣份天註定....以前有所祈求或刻意找尋在這裡.....都是空等....

    我以為我會孤獨終老, 點知佢在不經意下佢認識了我!! 我在30幾歲才有 first love.

    雖然初時我有許多故慮..如年紀......經他誠意下, 我接受了!

    祝各位單身者想拍拖的話, 好快找到另一半!

  • he's younger than u?

  • hope u break up fast.

  • hi passerby

    yes ar..he is younger than me so much.

  • so good

  • 悲劇往往由此而生,,,板主我幫你keep住個板...到果日你話我知我幫你推番上黎

  • because i like count / think so much on different problem will be happen...then became single for a long long long time.

    when i am younger, miss so much chance, until recently, fate arranged a bf to me.....i felt surprise and happy. i accepted him to now.

  • happy girl



  • Thank you Akito and VanGuard!!!

  • 你bf就好啦


  • 男人對處女係咪會珍惜d?

  • 恭喜哂你呢~ ^^

  • happy girl

    congratulations! hope i will have a bf soon and as happy as you.

  • thanks optimistic girl!!

    u also will have good one, yr the one (bf).

  • SAD replied @ 2009-06-01 7:18 pm




  • don't go to bed with him so fast ar...

  • happy girl


  • happy girl


  • HG replied @ 2009-06-02 8:06 pm

    happy girl



    我不是老定....我想帶出過去幾年想找另一伴, 但總遇不啱 (有時你選人人選係你) 在這

  • happy replied @ 2009-06-02 8:26 pm

    HG replied @ 2009-06-02 8:06 pm

    happy girl



    我不是老定....我想帶出過去幾年想找另一伴, 但總遇不啱 (有時你選人人選係你) 在這裹想識下人, 但大多男士想找 SL / SP.

  • happy,girl 你點識你男朋友架?


  • congratulations! Hope you are the lucky one❤❤

  • Hi Slaveboy2009

    He knew me in library. 世事難料 !!! 好似令我返回 student stage.其實幾 sweet. 話說我之前遞信 resign, 我有時間去 library, use wifi and reading....一天他坐在我鄰近, he want to know me......遞了 memo to me, marked down 'hi' and internal page - he wrote his email address.

    That time, i so surprise!!!

    Then I tried to email him....then started to phone chat and dating la.......

    Firstly, i am so afraid that our age gap, but he told me dont mind!!! i told him I am mind....he so sad and asked me dont mind. final, i accepted. we just started to develop in the recent.

  • hi Slaveboy2009

    he is younger than me 7-8 yrs -- as i have young look - not look like the real age).

    although dont know the future/ result is good or not, on my mind, i want to try or say give me our chance, right??? when i am young, as i miss a few of chance, i dont want to repeat - single single....

  • i see,great start ..

    you 3x,he 2x ma??

  • but do you have job now?

  • slaveboy2009 replied @ 2009-06-02 8:47 pm

    i see,great start ..

    you 3x,he 2x ma??


    Yes ar !! he is 27, but i like him who has mature mind, if he is childish, i think that i don't accept.

  • Hi happy girl, So jealous of you !!

  • 好sweet吖!

    真係好似中學生認識咁, 我都祝福happy girl妳!


    best wishes!

  • hi June

    好似蘇民峄wah ja : everyone have "姻緣",要看有無把握在手....i also wait to mid-30.

    dont need jealous...you will also get one yours soon!!!

  • so thanks apemk2, mario, jc73, f ......

    nowadays, seldom hk boy/man is willing to use this communication to know people ....hahah, i asked back him who also scare my response.

    i like him who has brave, mature mind.....

    why i posted this thread, i want to share my feeling, not only to seek sl/sp etc's topic, let other netfds knew my story.

  • 你以為佢對你真心




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