too dirty around here, will not date anyone from now.. too scary!!

  • so right now, chatmate is what i want... 

    given up on dating nf... 

    i love my gf and family, do not want to risk their health with my selfish!!

    let's chat to kill time, either here or msn, i am a 29 guy

  • fxxk you la. why don't you go back to your gf. really on9

  • i am always with my gf... never left her.

    thanks for killing time with me in such a way

  • kill time dont need come to sex board la, u sxxker

  • you've insulted most of girls in here

  • you are right, on 9,

    good luck in hunting...

  • gd,

    seems before u ask ppl to chat with you, but u donno how to respect others. What u mean "too dirty around here"?? as you are step in, and ur the dirty one also

  • OL, sorry, i did not want to mean that.

    just been reading those scary post these few days..

    i just feel those gals are victims, feel so sorry..

    may be i should leave... also this website,

    somehow, i think it is a place can change someone's life.

  • loser,

    sorry, my fault.

    i am not good in expression, sorry again..

    those dirty posts hit me only.

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  • PK la... if really "clean" as you said, you can find a chatmate everywhere, not here lor

  • gdgdgd

    yeah, agree with you

    the girls here are really dirty and really risk our money/ health/ family to have sex with them,

    ps. some are really pig n bitch

  • 淨係搞自已條女冇得搞外面啲女又真係每個男人人生中最痛苦無助嘅事嚟

  • This guy is as same as me, 9UP then deny.

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