Anyone interested to QingDao on end of April for a few days?

  • Package or tour is ok with me.  ANyone interested?

  • QingDao is a nice place and April is a good time too..

  • yes i visited there once last June. So I want to go there again for visiting the outside of main city in QD.

  • Anyone interested to go together?

  • really want to go but I am a man. Hope you can find your female partner soon. Don't waste the right timing... But if you want to enjoy the beach and sand bathing... you can go later. May be around June.

  • Thanks Sam! Actually the sand bathing time should be after July there! I want to visit YanTai if I have enough time!

  • Tina,


  • hi Tina,

    Where is YanTai ? I have no idea tim :)

  • Hi Sam, Yan Tai is inside the ShanDong Province which is upper side of QingDao!

  • Ooh I see.

    It is a nice place too.... and I think the whole ShanTung province is a good place for travel and can travel through train.. but as far as I know the price for train ticket is not cheap at all...

    For the whole province , I think at least 2 weeks. What do you think ?

    Will you go to Tai Shan also ?

  • Sam, I guess so. But i will select some nice places for visit. If i can spend two weeks for vacation, I perfect I will go to Europe or Western countries, hahaha.....

    The train fee is cheap within the same province. In fact, its very convenient to take a bus from QD to TY which just takes only 2 hours!

  • fact I have a plan to go to Western during June ( if possible ) and will go to South America later, but may be 2 - 3 years later....

    Do I really have a "long" plan ?

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