• I love doing voluntary works and I believe that I can answer any problems happen during your daily life. Though i am not a lawyer, i am much glad to talk about matter relating to laws and economics or just anything

    Feel free to write to me. No tricks,pl. just sincere talk.


  • I would to answer u some personal questions through email address.

  • Sure u re welcome anytime.

  • Adviser are you M or F?

    What age range you belong to?

    Are you out of job? How long will this service last?

  • fefw

  • Hi advicer, i have a doubt in my current age of 24.

    I've grad for nearly 2 years. Working in the society for almost 2 years. Have seen quite a lot of ppl in University and the society. Have much life experience and mature than those ppl who are at the same age as me. My outlook, personality and ability are quite outstanding.

    I have a lot of chasers in school(when study) and work place but i never dated with any guy because those man i love dun choose me because of some reasons.

    I feel it's a bit tired of my life and dun want to waste my intellengence , my beauty. I have a new thought this year --> Give my virgin to a man that i like only (not my lover or bf )within this year.

    I have this thought because i found that life is bored and not easy to change or be excited as it depends on many factors, like: what ppl you meet, your career, economic factors or etc.....

    i think i may regret that i dun try something that should be done in the stage of age, waste my life, my time and getting no any memory in my life when i getting old in one day

    (you know, when you are getting old, the ability and chance that what you can do are lower.)

    When i was in unversity, i heard from a man that there was one girl who age 25 did the thing that gave her virgin to a stranger man because she was tired of being a virgin and wanted to start a new page of her life to be not a virgin.(i thought this decision really redicious during that time)

    Now, i have the same "virgin crises" as that woman and i consider so carefully that i will no regret of this decision if i really did it one day in the future.

    Do you understand my point and find that it is normal. (i know that some ppl may fight my point and i dun need any support or advice for this question, just want some of you understand abt what a sibgle woman face in their life)

  • Dear Coco,ef and doubt,

    happy chinese new ny.

    Thanks for your response. Iam a male, iam financially sound and ve enough money to spend as i wish. Ive a good job. through answering questions , i can help others , at the same time , i can learn from others as well through exchange of ideas.

    though i am not an expert, ican answer questions from my years of experience and knowledge and common sense . through objective discusion, we can sort out some workable solution for reference by others, whether they take it or not, of course, it s up to them to decide. no obligation at all.

    but i can tell u ,i am a good,knowledgeable and reliable man u can trust and befriends with. for personal problems like what Ms Doubt express, I would only answer her personally through email. I would have to understand more about her personal background before i can go further for psycho-analysis on her psyche about her unique sexual desire upon reaching to certain age group through her life.

    without arousing other people's illusion from your special sexual desire, So Ms doubt, write to me with your email address attached so that i can answer u in more details. i guess i can give some of my point of view for your reference without any bad intention afterall.

    looking froward to receiving your further reply through my

    your faithful adviser

  • Adviser:

    Did you study Psychology before??

  • yes,i am good at both normal and abnormal psychology. also i am good in economics as well, any questions welcome,pl. let share our point of view through this platform of "she", no tricks,pl.

  • I am curious why Ms Doubt would discuss her "virginity" problem with Adviser when Adviser had only mentioned that he is interested in topics related to law and economics.

  • Dear curious,

    Unless u re skeptical about her intention.

    otherwise, she just exercising her freedom of expression which is accetable by laws of HK. From legal point of view, she is not soliciting anything for purpose of gain.

    i would believe she is an educated girl like any normal girl who may ve a strange desire upon certain age stage. absolutely no doubt about that.

    I used to live oversea, this is very very common in western countries. hk is an international city,dont be so conservative.

  • Adviser,

    If she is a real person, her question is not unusual at all. I am actually wondering whether you were in fact, Ms Doubt.

    If not, my apologies.

  • Dear Curious,

    Forgive me if i am wrong, i encounter alot people like u ,particualy in HK.

    From psychological point of view, u just too cynical about everything u never experience before. u would probably encounter great difficulty in building up close relation with any one u meet if u keep up with your contemptuous distrust on others even through this virtual place of social meeting.

    if u feel hot, stay out of the kitchen.

  • Adviser,

    Demonstrating an example of overgeneralization for us?

  • Adviser,

    I just realized that i can't believe my friends, even my best friend. But i have no problem socializing with lots of ppl, u know, those normal friends, they all like me, but i just can't build up a deep relatioship with almost all of them.

    My best freind always says she feels i don't trust her at all, but she is my best friend and I have already told her a lot about myself! What's happen to me? it's my problem or my best friend's problem?

  • Thanks for your response.

    It is noboby's problem. In these days, due to bad news and experience happen daily which built into minds of all people access to these media such as newspaper, TV or etc. Though u re a simple and honest person known by yourself, other side of your partner just dont trust that u re so simple genuinely. Only time can prove to your friend u re a real friend to them, but whether u can wait for their belief is not up to u to control.

    So as long as u re acting faithfully all the time, just never mind about how people think about u, sooner or later they will know that u re real friend to them. Distrust is something human imbedded in thier mind through learning from different sources.

    Deep relationship must need time to grow gradually, can never be in a rush, or else it will collapse easily.

    keep writing to me through my email address. i will show u more friends.

  • adviser,

    thanks for givig us some hints for building up human relationship. let us be friends through email correspondence, i believe u re a person i can trust.

  • delighted to be your friend, keep in touch. i shall give u my phone no.

  • Hi Adviser, i don't mind you post the response here as i do think this is not only my question.

    It's what nowadays single lady facing in their living.

    Why don't give to bf/future husband?

    It's very difficult to find a suitable man for some quality single lady as the quality man are decresing in the socirty of HK even some developed countries. Though we may meet some good guy, they are mariired or don't want to join into a serious relationship. Making those single lady has no chance to have a match bf and not married .

    Second, i find that i am getting old so quick of working in the society. As getting old it means that our attractiveness is decreasing. I dun want to be regret that why i dun meet/stay/just ons with a guy that i like but we have no future in my most beautiful age (have economy power, still young, pretty and not so worldly).

    If i realised this question at mid 30s, it's too late as i could just satisfy with my wish with low-quali guy as i have no choice.Try the best thing when you have the best choice, it's understandable . No one want to be under-valued.

    The main point that i may want to clairfy clearly is that i have no sex desire. PLS READ CLEARLY that I AM NOT LOOKING FOR SEX/ SP. If so, my problem is easily to be solved by myself. No need to post here to be fought or ask for your help with the my unique situation.

    Again, thank you very much for concerning my question. I trust Adviser is a good adviser who can give me appropriate advises.

  • Surprised to learn that Ms Doubt wishing me to reply openly. This is typically some kind of behavior demonstrated by many people with exhibitionist tendency.

    One can choose their choice of living so as to achieve their state of being "happy". One can offer something which she or he thinks worth much, in fact ,it really depends on economics concept ,namely demand or supply. In other words, something u think very precious at your place, in other place worth nothing as long as u re willing to offer to others with your consent. Every personhas something to offer for other party to consider for acceptance. It is fair deal like marriage.

    Individual human being has their unique personality, some prefer to do this way, some prefer to adopt other way, as long as it is done in accordance with the local laws. u just can do any thing as u wish.

    I would not say your personality is unhealthy as long as u have the ability to love and the ability to work. Loving and working constitute two major action in which we find ouselves happy or miserable. If u always play w/o fun, eat w/o appetite, have sex w/o satisfaction and sleep w/o rest. Then u should think of some other activity to compensate your deficience.

    Perhaps u give me your phone no., i can explain to u in more details, but no tricks or soliciting whatsoever or else the local law enforcement agency will not let u go away freely. So please watch out your expression if u wish to exhibit your freedom of speech beyond the legal line.

  • Jesus, u write so good and professional, can i befriends with u.

  • Most welcome, I shall invite u to join our social club for happy gathering with people from all professions including lawyers, nurse, police, instructor and etc.

  • have just browsed your thread adviser, your thread is so different from others in she, really appreciate that.

    everyone has their own problem and so do i, seeking advises, to me, is a good relieve.

    my pleasure reading your sincere replies.

  • i observed that Mr Adviser is trying to explain everything by legal/ economic theories, not getting to the point and indeed trying to complicate things. I am not impressed at all and in fact, the more you speak the more you're showing what a moron you are.

  • Dear Kat,

    Thanks for your nice feedback and support..

    Just like this platform, some like your views ,some(e.g.reply) dislike your view, u just can't please everyone in this world. but most important, no one can cross the line against the local laws which i am pretty much familiar with.

    so dont jump into any traps just becasue u wish to please anyone.always act smartly and indepently w/o bias.

  • Totally support Adviser's view,

    he is a responsible adviser even in this virtual platform. plausible to him. freedom of speech is OK but still u can not cross the line set up.

  • agree, and hope it goes on well.

    at least you are willing to spend your time by giving sincere replies.

  • After reading Adviser's message, I very much doubt that the so called "Ms Doubt" is just trying to soliciting something from people online at "she". if so, ask her to stay out of here.keep it clean here.

    Adviser well done!!!!!

  • Kat,

    Sounds like u re a reasonable and sensible person.

    write to my email, i shall invite u to my social gathering club for free to meet friends with trustworthy background

  • i am reasonable & sensible - just in front of people with a logical mind, and normal reasoning.

    thx for your invitation and nice to be your fd, will write soon

  • kat

    My honour to serving u in the future.

    Time to sleep and ve to work tomorrow. nice to chat with everyone through this platform , forgive me if anything offfensive unintentionally. just idea exchanging and smile all the time.

    cheerio and good night

  • Police is watching us , so mind your expression.Ms Doubt.

  • 睇黎呢度d人未見過大蛇柯尿

  • Although my age in is not long, but the appearance of Advisor does impress me a lot. I would like to drop U a mail and express the issues I have encountered in 2008 and hope U can tell me the hell I was thinking and further advise will be thankful

  • I ve not received your email yet.. pl write again.

  • Adviser,

    i ve a question, most crimes committed are with a victim, but somebody say some crimes re without victims. do u know what kind of crimes re w/o victims. pl. enlighten.

  • well, usually each crime must ve a victim. it really depends on how u feel or how u view the suffering of the victim.

    In fact, some crimes actually are legislated basing on morality for its own sake,eg. prostituion,sexual intercourse with underaged girl even though with her consent.

    generally speaking, crimes w/o victims litmited to those situations in which one person obtains from another in a fairly exchange of a commodity or some kind of personal service which is socially disapproved and legally forbidden.

  • thanks for your enlightenment. u re very professional, i shall write to u and pl let me join in your social club .

  • Hi Adviser,

    Thanks for creating this thread I am impressed with your clear and logical mind. I'd be interested to write to you for some advice on matters which are not related to law. Will you be happy to share your thoughts on those? Thanks.

  • Puzzle,

    Any kinds of questions re welcome, if happen to be beyond my knowledge, I shall consult other experts to answer for u. i ve full bunch of friends who re professional and willing to offer voluntary verbal help for others, so go ahead and throw your "puzzles or problems" to us.



    Adviser Host

    Ms Doubt Advice Seeker

    curious Challenger

    Kat Supporter 1, in-direct

    Police Supporter 2, direct


    1) The host (Adviser) put up a new thread;

    2) Then come a seeker (Ms Doubt) for advice;

    3) Then a challenger (curious) appears;

    4) Then comes a supporter (Kat) to support the host in a in-direct way (by saying have not seen such an unit thread in;

    5) Another supporter (police) comes to support the Host in a direct way (by saying the Host is giving excellent advices).


    adviser = ms doubt = curious = kat = police = many more



    Adviser/// Host

    Ms Doubt/// Advice Seeker

    curious/// Challenger

    Kat/// Supporter 1, in-direct

    Police/// Supporter 2, direct


    1) The host (Adviser) put up a new thread;

    2) Then come a seeker (Ms Doubt) for advice;

    3) Then a challenger (curious) appears;

    4) Then comes a supporter (Kat) to support the host in a in-direct way (by saying have not seen such an unit thread in;

    5) Another supporter (police) comes to support the Host in a direct way (by saying the Host is giving excellent advices).


    adviser = ms doubt = curious = kat = police = many more

  • this is to collect your private information and the aim is to "invite" you to the so call "social club"..

    President is Adviser, he forgot to switch his nick name and had made such foolish mistake.

  • I am not the host. I also noticed that Adviser is the President, and concur with "on". I have given up challenging because the host makes it too obvious and the way he tries to recruit members spooks me.

    I know I might have overreacted and the accusations may not be fair, but if these social activities are indeed 光明正大, I suggest the host use a more direct and open approach.

  • i guess the Adviser has made a serious mistake....

    anyone with some real legal knowledge would know prostitution per se (in itself) is not a crime, how come he can said that it is a crime? such a silly mistake!

  • I further guess that adviser=curious=on99=stupid guy=everybody. in fact everyone at are virtually lonely and stupid people wandering around here to show off their talence. but what is wrong with that?

    everyone can be skeptical and cynical about anything or that s why so many idiots and lunatics in HK and that is why distrust is built up among people around you. dont trust yourself and dont trust people around u. stay alone by yourself and u re the one u can slightly trust.

  • come on, everyone here is just for fun.dont be too serious. we re not curious without thought or being just a stupid guy without a brain. we can manage how to make friends with nice people. dont be naive!!!!

  • agree!!we here just for fun. take it easy!!!anyone can give advice for reference or experience sharing . whether to take it, it is up to us. we re not stupid.!!!

  • in the mainland prostitution is absolutely an offence against the local laws in each mainland city. but i dont know whether soliciting for sex on the street is against the laws of HK. please advise....anyone?

  • i read about news happened recently in vancouver,canada. police has arrested many people on the street in downtown of vancouver and charged them for soliciting prostitution. so dont take risk to try for prostitution in canada or anywhere. u may be infected with AIDS as well.

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