Hello everyone, I am in Switzerland

  • I arrived at Zurich yesterday afternoon and drove to Lausanne. Actually it's my first time in Switzerland. wasn't that excited as I thought MilkaLand is too laid back for my taste.

    Anyway, I ended up having a good time in Lausanne besides doing business. The hotel was medieval type, kinda like a castle, and the floor was squeaking when I walked along the corridor. I went to a French restaurant near the hotel I stayed called Le Croix d'Ouchy. Food was excellent there and the Vosene Romanee red wine I ordered was satisfying. It has been a while that I felt satisfied without sex:-) Lausanne is the French speaking part of Switzerland and is located near the famous Mont Blanc where ski franatics would congregate there every year challenging the double diamond slopes.

    Today after the meeting with a customer, drove to Lugano (the Italian speaking section of Switzerland) via Lucern (the German speaking part). Lucern was surrounded by 4 gorgeous lakes and too bad I did not spend much time except refilling the tank at the petrol station. Next time I would stay in a hotel by the lake and enjoy Kirsch and authentic Swiss Cheese fondue.

    Lugano is very closed to the Italian border, only 70km from Milano, Italy. After driving through the picturesque Lucern, my car passed through one of the longest tunnel measuring 17 km from Lucern to Lugano. I stayed at the Villa Sassa hotel & spa. The Italian restaurnat served great food and overlooked the lakes and mountains, and one could see Milano from a distance.

    Tomorrow will probably stop by Milano before my meeting and then drive to Germany in the late afternoon.

    Ciao!! Con spettacolo pirotecnico sul lago:-)

  • Do you use SatNav to travel around?

  • You

    my love

    my hero

    a smile so bright

    adorning your face

    Halo surrounding you

    You came to me, arms outstretched

    In the soft early morning light

    I saw you in my dreams, from afar

  • You are starting to sounds like beagle, haha.

  • You could take on Pearl's Dolce Vita anytime and host your own show.

    This is good stuff! Thanks for sharing your aristocratic journey.

  • It has been a while that I felt satisfied without sex

    I thought you never lacked of that

  • I can feel the tranquility and romantic backdrop of Europe. Nice!

  • Italian Question

    Con spettacolo pirotecnico sul lago

    Con = with

    spettacolo = show

    pirotecnico = pyrotechnics? firework ?

    sul = on the/ about the

    lago = lake

    Please forgive my stupidity, what does it mean ?

  • anyone like my new pic ?

  • is a bit to the vulgar side is my opinion..

  • It's from the Grest Master Paul Avril

  • definitely it's from one of those pagan idols of fertility. The Egyptians use a calf and I would presume its taken from some Hindu mythology

  • that's because they're not French.

  • HI Pretty

    what would Fed thinks if we are talking sth unrelated to him in his thread ?

  • i don't mind seeing nudity or sex..

    but i guess is personal preference in that i don't find the pic sexy...

    i see a muscular man.. drawn like a horse.. seemingly trying to copulate with a female with a seemingly enlarged bottom..

    yes, they are more scrupulous like from the days of Rodin

    i prefer Pre-Raphaelites.. Gustavo Klimt.. etc..

  • haha, very good description

    actually it's anal intercourse

    sorry didn't mean to start a dirty section

  • ic.... got to hurt a bit then if a stallion trying to copulate the anal for a smaller mare..

  • err.. umm.. i won't use the word stunning.. i would use shocking..

    but homosexuality is widely practice in those ages .. ancient greece times when they have kid specially to perform such acts..

  • Shrine prostitute (both boys and girls) still exists in some regions like India nowadays.

    I watched a porno clip (lolita series) from foxy. It is starring 2 young boy and girl, claiming they are TEMPLE PROSTITUTE in India. I saw the girl playing vibrator, doing some suggestive but stiffly gesture. Finally it's a scene they are copulating, still stiffly. Didn't watch every detail (not that perverted me). That's the most loathsome thing I've ever seen.

  • i love Emmanuel.. the old series.. can be powerful , can be sensual..

    no idea how some ppl can get turn on by young boys..

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