Have you ever try being eject to join a thread?

  • I found a intersting thread and want to share my experience only......but met a guy in that thread and so scare and so care i join the thread.......What the hack!

  • haha

    aiya, come on la

  • Well..........all right.....

  • u mean......reject? or eject?

  • will you ever ask permission to join a thread......have you ever being refuse to join.......just a platform to join why mind people to join and share?

    agree stephanie?

  • 你說的是真是假我不知,但我見你的用語都是偏幫自己的,例如:share my experience ( only),met a guy,so scare( of u) and so care,

    and what a hack, 你已預設立場。好像你只知自己利益,而不尊重到別人的


  • Poor me Mr. Daddy don't allow me to talk!!!kaka

  • but if u ask, he can refuse , it is natural right? dont be mad.

  • it is u who is poor!! u can talk in YOUR own thread like now

    isnt it?

  • stephanie...i agree with your points.....will you refuse others to join a thread?

  • i will ga!! depends....

    so what u want to share? tell me here is ok la..

    dont stay over those small stuffs ok?

  • nothing specific....just something related to the thread that i just saw.

    Well, i did reply to any thread for more then 1 year just flet bad....after a long quite and re-visiting jei...

    thank you and nice to talk and thx for your comment!

  • so what is the experience?

    love sex? haha tell me here.

  • no la....nothing specific.....just passed experience with girlfriend i found that was exciting then the one i saw and want to share jei....

    talk tomorrow ok?

  • By the way....really nice to talk to you.....it wasn't that bad at the end of the day...kaka have a good evening.

    see you tomorrow. all right 88

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