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  • few months ago, me and bf had a huge fight (due to 3rd person), but I know he had changed sincerely, and we decided to give the relationship another try.  At that time we decided to move back to hk in early 2009, to restart our relationship, and to forget about what happend in the past in New York (we live in NY).  

    But unforturnately, the economy is really really bad in hk, and we have a ok job in NY.  I cannot decided if we should still move back or not,  I know if we moved back our living quality won't be as good, or we won't make as much $ as in NY.  But on the other hand, I dunno if I could really forget about the past totally and restart it in NY.  

    I can't think can't think, what should I do??

  • how's the living cost in NY?

    if you earn less in HK, but maybe you can enjoy even more because things in HK is cheaper (maybe, not too sure about NY)

    In fact this is same problem to me, i'm not sure should I move back from UK or not....... :S

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  • living cost is not cheap in NY, HK will be cheaper...

    I think i will enjoy the lifestyle in HK better than NY. But on the other hand, if no $$, hard to enjoy life..

  • 小弟愚見...


    只要有心, 我又唔覺得紐約同香港有咩分別...

    如果係要諗起, 就算身處香港都可以諗起嗟...


  • roy,




    I think at the current situation, it's not easy to find a job rather than worrying how much you can earn...

  • hi

  • Ben 123,






  • r u in the year of bad times? 29/30 now?

  • your english is such a crap, i can hardly believe you are really living in NY.

  • Roy/ Tim,

    Thanks for the advice la.....

    but Tim is right, 觸景生情 is what i m thinking.....


    They still work together at the same company, I duno how could I handle the situation.

  • well, is really none of ur business.

  • to Obama: "well is really none of ur business"

  • living in HK is not cheap at all, if u want a quality living standard, also if u 2 cannot find a job in HK, what to do?

  • If u still have a job in NYC u should count your blessings lor, so many folks get tossed out.

    Moving back to HK is it a real solution? I dont know, u could be just jumping from fire to fire thats all.

    Moving back to Hk will costs u some $$ plus lose a lot of what u had in NYC.

    So u better sit down to figure out all the pros & cons.

    Or u can move to another state for work too.

    US is so big anyways.

  • If he's into woman then HK has even more Northern Cousins that will go extra mile to get your place.

    Are u being prudent?

  • maybe u can just ask your bf to charge his job if u worries that he and she is still in the same office.

    moving back to hk doesn't help that much, if your bf want to cheat again, ppl in hk are very open, just take a look of this site... enough to scared u out.

    also not easy to find a good job in HK now. thank twice before u do anything.

  • J-

    I had asked him if he could change job, but I know it's not easy to find a job else where esp. in his field. I know its' a complicated situation, but I just don't want them to see each other again.

    and sometimes when I wait for my bf I would see her too....

  • pinkii, well, what is the future you want with your bf?

  • Why not relocate to another state within the States instead of all the uncertainty that may have moving to HK if 觸景生情 is your concern?

    You have to know being in HK has a LOT more temptations. As one of the chatter stated: 想重過新生...最緊要事在人為..

    If you both enjoy the HK lifestyles and for that you decide to move back, that's a decision to take.

    But for the sake of moving back because of avoiding a girl.... I think you need to build up confidence in your bf and your relationship more important than relocation.

  • moving back to hk ??

    why u so sure it will any better??

    there is so many choice among all the states.?

    if he is so easy to matter where u move..

    he will do it again...

  • Pinki, may I ask, did you grow up in US or in HK? In HK can you rely on a network of friends and family to provide support?

  • CS She/lady/ga-

    Thanks for ur advice, I think u r quite right... but on the other side, we both enjoy the lifestyle in hk better than US. I grow up in hk, and both our family and friends are in hk, so it will make more sense moving back to hk then moving to another state.

    u know how bad hk's economy is la, even i have friends and family there, it's hard to depends on them, I need to find job and own place to live anyways.

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