no sex marriage

  • 大家很愛大家, 亦很關心對方,但沒有性生活, 是否因為再沒有新鮮感? (拍拖2年,結緍3個月)

  • oh.. my first wife same as u...

  • shall we chat ... on msn..

  • 咁快就無性??有點奇喎...

  • 我識過兩個女人同妳同一情況

  • 個心好唔好受, 須然性唔係全部, 但係都好重要旣一部份

  • 做多d運動喇

  • 係咪工作忙呀?

  • 心理障礙 "Fear of Intimacy"

    Fear of intimacy affects different people in different ways. Fear of intimacy is also a significant obstacle to a fulfilling and meaningful marriage.

    Fear of intimacy blocks real love

    Ideally, husbands and wives are best friends as well as lovers—sharing dreams, interests, fears, and hopes. But according to Stacey Oliker, a sociologist and marriage expert, obstacles such as a fear of intimacy can mean that only a small minority of couples experience genuine closeness. In her book Best Friends and Marriage,Oliker claims that marriage partners often seek to fill this gap by being more intimate with close friends than they are with their mates. Does this mean married people shouldn’t have close friends? Absolutely not. But it does mean that rather than fearing intimacy, we need to take special care to cultivate intimacy within our marriages.

    Fear of intimacy can be overcome

    Fear of intimacy can be overcome only when the dread of rejection is removed. A simple tool that can remove a fear of intimacy and bring you instant closeness is unconditional acceptance. Some married people walk on eggshells around their spouses, fearing that they might say or do something to upset them. That's no way to create intimacy, or to overcome a fear of intimacy. After all, it's hard to be honest or to act authentically if you’re worried that you’re going to be criticized or judged each time you do. You’re not going to show the real you, for fear of being rejected. As a result, real intimacy is completely blocked, since intimacy, by definition, requires two people who are willing to be entirely themselves.

    On the other hand, it feels completely different when you know that you’ll be loved and supported even when you make a mistake, express an unpleasant emotion, or explore a unique idea. When you feel that kind of support, then there's no need to fear intimacy. You can be yourself and share yourself fully with your partner. And when you do that, and when your spouse does as well, genuine intimacy arises.

    Don't let a fear of intimacy block real love in your marriage

    Real intimacy has a “best friend” or “soul mate” quality about it. We all want someone who knows us better than anyone else—and still accepts us. People who have overcome their fear of intimacy and successfully built an intimate relationship know its power and comfort.

    Fear of intimacy blocks authentic love, but genuine intimacy hinges on closeness, sharing, honesty, and support. As one heart given in exchange for another, marriage provides the deepest and most radical expression of intimacy. So watch for ways you can let go of your fear of intimacy and offer more unconditional acceptance to your spouse. And if it feels appropriate, ask your spouse to offer the same to you. The more you can both release any fear of intimacy and embrace your closeness, the deeper and richer the intimacy you two share will become.

  • Google "Fear of Intimacy", you will learn more.

  • 嘩 ~ cheerful sweetie

    你打親都咁大抽既 ~

  • me too ah

    live with gf for 5 years, last time is 9 months ago!!!!!!

  • 先兩年咋喏, 冇奶油甘快無mood既, 係迷工作超級忙啊?

  • 飯太碎

    佢copy & paste 既嗟,點會全部打呀??

  • 我同你都有啲似, 都係結左婚無 sex life,


  • i also find lack of passion to have sex after marriage.

  • 我同 gf 一齊十年其實都比較少性生活啦,一個月先兩次..

  • hammer 咁其餘時間你點?

  • 無架,其實你話係唔係好辛苦又唔係,咁我自己差唔多日日都有 DIY 既。反而對住佢又好似刺激唔起性慾咁...

  • i think most of couples will endup in similar way..

  • 除非性慾超強勁個隻,每日定時定候唔理邊個係面前都自己勃起。但我係需要 stimulation 先得囉...

  • stimulation? 用hammer?

  • very funny

  • Mr lonely 2 and ozking, why dont you have sex life then?

  • i have a sl b4 but now break already ...

  • 點解個老公可以好錫妳, 大家平時好sweet, 但係又好似對妳無性趣?

  • cool, my ex sl is same situation as u

  • so, they still together? i mean your ex-sl and her husband

  • yes

  • shxtman12:

    i have sex life, chicken & sp, i just find a 2nd girlfriend in Shenzhen also

    before we argue a lot beacuse no sex life, slowly i don't ask or talk about it

    I treat her very good and our life is good, only no sex life and I am cheating on her. but since i cheat no more argument.

    See, I am confusing too

  • ozking, my situation is a bit different from yrs. we never argue, we are very sweet most of the time, but just he doesnt have the passion for sex, we talked about this, but seems like no solution!

  • my ex sl's husband too, dunno why

  • yes discussion always no solution.

    We visit counsellor too, but no solution

    what is the explanation during discussion?

    no sex in a way is like a wall between a couple

    we are less and less intimate (hugging, hold hands etc), sometimes I sleep alone on the couch too.

  • he didnt know the answer too! but think "lost the passion" is the only reason i can think of.

  • maybe ur body is not good, maybe he merely doesnt like sex indeed

  • shxtman12, how long you been together?

  • 3 years

  • 你老婆有病

    可能(1) 對性曾經有恐怖音影

    (2) 生理上做愛令佢好痛

  • shxtman12, sex is normal at the beginning? or no sex from beginning?

  • yes! very normal and active at the beginning. getting less after 2 years, and getting even less after married (3 years)

  • talk to u on msn if you like, i am getting off work now

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