Would you date a rich but ugly guy like JUNO?

  • I would say Juno who is with average look instead of ugly.

  • i will only date the one i love...

  • hkgal - I guess you're being kind to Juno, or perhaps you're as pretty as Ah Gil.

    bibi - so you don't even care if your bf is rich or ugly?

  • Federic,

    u can say so...

  • bibi,

    would you mind telling us what is your bf requirement then if money and appearance don't matter?

  • U really is the most non-sense guy i ever met in she.com.

  • Juno is not that ugly.

    He is of overage outfit. Maybe because he's an artist that's why people have higher expection on him.

    I wouldnt care whether my boyfriend is ugly or not. To be honest it will be good if he has stable income and asset to ensure quality life, but it is not the top priority.

    As long as we love each other who cares how he looks?

    Federic , I hope you are sincerely asking question instead of raising arguements.

  • Federic,

    a man with kind heart is very important to me...

  • bibi replied @ 2008-04-30 3:31 pm


    a man with kind heart is very important to me...

    that's the pt!

  • little-fruit,

    I was just asking a question. It's up to you to decide whether it was sincere or provocative.

    One thing I know for sure: our aesthetic standard is different. Juno is ugly in my humble opinion.

  • bibi and zender,

    I don't have a kind heart. But at least I am honest but mean.

  • Juno resembles an old friend of mine.

    I would date a guy like him if he has the personality of my old friend as well.

  • why not ?

  • lol oh fred ... you feel lonely don't ya?

  • I am just a regular guy who sometimes read gossip magazines and as a male, I look upon Juno and keep telling that I am thankful my parents had great genes that I do not look anything like HIM! boy is he ugly for a guy.

    You goto admit nature is fair. Most rich guys are ugly. Look at the sons of li ka shing and most of the rich people you read on magazines.

    ** gossip ** - Gillan Chung (stalert twins) made a comment about Juno being ugly that is why she once refused to his proposal in the past. But of course she is at the bottom and found his money attractive after the sex scandal. What a bitch!

  • i think juno is ok wor,

    look at yourself first before you comment other as 'ugly'

    in addition, he trainned his body shape quite well, i don't think you'll be better than him

  • Juno has a good voice that i like him..

  • Juno is not ugly if comparing with 八兩金.

  • 其實Juno唔係好醜姐下嘛...

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