Seriously.....anyone successfully found a SP from here?

  • Alright.....there're probably a million post on this forum about guys looking for SP......... did anyone ever successfully find one??

    Please share your stories~ :-)

  • 都有.

    不過個時, 唔係想故意搵sp, 即唔係個d 一開post就話搵sp個d.


  • Hello 浪子 ~ Thx for sharing.....!

  • 有時都好憎有人, 一開始既msn就叫你開相, 不過自己就keep secret.

    一唔岩就delete, 最憎個d.

  • 都係做nf 好...

  • I've never had a SP before....but did manage to find some very good nf.

    I've spoken to some very rude girls before.....told me to fxck off (right after me saying "hi") because I didn't have my picture on the MSN window....funny thing was she added me from somewhere!

  • then just forget it...

  • Of course.......I kindly said "you too" and deleted her from my list....LOL

  • 其實相同cam都唔太可信

  • I would prefer to chat on phone/MSN for awhile before meeting for a date...if it's all good....then move on to SP relationship.

    Sometimes, looks is not everything, plus....SP is about the sex experience anyways.

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