How attractive are you?

  • Just to start a discussion.

    How attractive do you think you are?

    What do you think attracts you to the opposite sex?

    Is it your personality? Your looks? What do you think is your strong point?

    Try not to use the cliches like, it's a combination of the above.

    Just like you to honestly think if you are attractive and what you think is unattractive about yourself?

  • i like your topic ;)

    i don't hv much confidence in reality....

    so i m seeking a way to be wild online and i know how to seduce men is the most attractive thing...

  • funtimes


  • for a woman, being sexy is a question of confidence I think.

    Sometimes, a woman may not possess your typical kind of beauty but because of their attitude, they are very sexy.

    I think it's to do with not being too self concious of what you are doing and not being afraid of looking a bit silly.

  • sorry loverebel, I can't read chinese, so not sure what you mean.

    I tried the online translation sites but still doesn't make sense to me.

  • you still there katy?

  • personality is very important at all.

  • yes...but i am leaving soon

  • loverebel

    your body is sure sexy but your face is more attractive to me, full of imagination

  • of course persionality is important

    But do you think your strong point is your personality?

    And if so, why?

  • No one would like to date an ugly gal even she has an excellent inner beauty but inner beauty is long lasting.

    Although I don't have a pretty face, my confidence, cheerful personality and pleasant smile make me charming always.

    The most unattractive part of myself is I don't think of any....hehe!!

  • So your weakness is humility?


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