Can any one tell me why my wife dont want my baby....

  • We have married half year already, and my wife got pregnant but she dont want the baby can anyone tell me why from women`s point of view.....

  • Why you ask us 路人甲 at

    Ask your wife...

    Ask her why she is not ready?

    Is it financial problem? Is it maturity problem? Does she not see future with you?

    Unless it is a child out of wed lock, and is illegitimate. But you both are married. There is no explanation.

    Ask your wife. She will give you the answer.

  • Gosh Cheerful

    You are omnipresent in she. No wonder you are hooked and addicted as you have said.


    Thousand reasons but only one answer

  • exactly! talk to her and solve the problem together. show her more positive things about having a baby.

  • Barbie....

    ha ha... you too. i see you night and day here at she too.

    check Mr. B's, he finally puts a new post.

  • I am ok kid, but I don't want to have kid because I know that I cannot cope with the life having one, so I told my husband when we date that if he really wants have kid, then we shouldn't be together.

    But I think you should ask your wife for the reason.

  • cheer

    Yes the caveman has finally showed his face with a beard and a club.


    Here is one unorthadox guess. Its rare but deadly and regard it as a possiblity cuz your wife might not want to admit it or she doesnt even know it. Pregnancy-phobia - its fear of something growing inside her

  • olaf:

    lots of reason, one thing is : how old is she ? age might be a possible reason.


    where've u been my dear, glad to see u here

  • She is 34, age is no problem, financailly is not a problem, i cant think of any problem... but when i try talk to her she just keep silent, so i dont know and cant understand her..

  • hm.... could it be possible that the baby is not yours?

    or she has some inherited health problems?

  • I also thought about that but what can I do, I am not the decision maker in this situation...

  • Well I ask here because I want to find out more from different views from women`s point of view...

  • yo Ola888

    I always hated chauvinists but I'm on your side in this predicament.


    Olaf888 replied @ 2008-03-05 4:30 pm

    I also thought about that but what can I do, I am not the decision maker in this situation


    What do you mean ? are you a man? you should be the head of the household (to certain extend) and protecting your family is your job. If she is acting so irrational and cant handle this problem as an adult, she is pleaded as incompetent and she relieves her rights to be a mother. Its a life you are dealing with not to mention that you own half of the baby as biological dad. I am pro life so I dont believe in abortion and it seems like your wife is heading toward that way.

    Now think and take charge.

  • maybe your wife is thinkign of divorcing you?

  • then you both are mature enough to take care the baby. Try to convince her not having abortion as much as you can. I guess she will change her mind finally. how about commitment? show her that you will be a good dad.

  • what if your wife tell you the baby is not yours? maybe that's why she doesn't want to have it, and later on found out by DNA test..

  • shane

    You are really pushing this scenerio to the limit. Ok say if you are right and the baby isn't his, do not assume the wife is the culprit. Think of her as the victim. From rape ? sorry I dont mean to be judgmental but just being more dramatic to fit the worst case scenerio.

  • shane: stop bluffing Olaf888. he is poor enough.

    Olaf888. : i guess your wife is just lack of confidence. u should think it in positive way.

  • Barbiedoll

    what I mean is she always dominate on every issue, she will like to get her hand involved in every aspect. I try to take charge but things turn what do u expect me to do....

  • 麥道舞

    I show her in all aspect i can be a good daddy, but she just keep thinking what she like to do not and she will tell me" its my body not yours"

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